No restrictions in eating to make a flat stomach is impossible. Eliminate high-calorie and fatty foods, because otherwise the fat in the abdomen will be very slow to leave. Be sure your daily diet would include cheese, yogurt and seafood, this food directly struggling with excess weight in the abdomen and hips. Throughout the day eat 5-6 times small meals, after seven in the evening it is recommended not to eat. If is strongly impatient, it is better to eat an Apple or any other fruit you have at hand than to satisfy the hunger of sweets or pastries. Liquid drink: non-carbonated mineral water, green and black teas, freshly prepared juices, dairy beverages have a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole, satisfy your hunger, and most importantly, promote weight loss.
Physical exercise to create flat stomach needed, without them the effect will be. In order that the abdomen became flat, every day do the exercises from 20 to 50 times. Gradually increase the load, while before classes at the press twist the Hoop - it dramatically increases blood circulation, improves the metabolism in skin and muscles, preparing the muscles for heavier loads. Another simple exercise that will help to make a flat stomach is the retraction of the abdomen. At first it causes discomfort and requires a lot of control, but after a couple of weeks stomach looks flat.
Massage also promotes a speedy result for obtaining a toned tummy. You can massage the abdomen with the hands using essential oils, e.g. oil of lemon, grapefruit, orange or tangerine. If there is a home vibrating massager, he copes with its task, after a 10-day course, possible to contemplate a flat stomach.
In addition to diet, exercise and massage, you can resort to other action to increase the effect and to get rid of excess belly fat. Use correction gels and creams, they actively break down fat and increase metabolism under the skin. During the month, take a few cleansing enemas to help the body to clean the intestines, remove toxins, and as a result reduce the volume of the stomach.