Advice 1: How to preserve garlic in the winter

Among gardeners there is a widespread problem of storage are grown on a plot of vegetables in the winter time of year. To protect in winter, for example, garlic from sprouting or rot, is very difficult. Just the right storage conditions can guarantee the immutability of all taste of this essential for many people product.
Store the garlic in the winter to properly.
Completely dried garlic in the apartment when the batteries or the heater head must be put in a glass three-liter banks. Such dishes are, of course, should be in the Arsenal of any gardener-gardener. Each jar should be filled with heads of garlicand about two-thirds. In addition to the garlicand banks must be expanded, and small bags of salt. Then the containers must be firmly closed with plastic caps. All banks with garlicω it is desirable to remove in a cool place. Very lucky in this case, the gardeners-gardeners in the house which has a cellar.
Keep garlic in winter and other method. In the late autumn of his head must be wrapped in plastic bags, tied them and wrapped up in several layers of newspaper. Then, the convolution needs to be dug on the site. With the onset of cold weather these secluded places where the buried garlic, need to cover the tomato, carrot or potato topper. The disadvantage of this method of storing garlicand that dig it will be possible only in spring, after the snow melts.
The bottom is an ordinary mailbox with holes should be covered with layer of salt. It should gently lay the head of garlic. Top they also need to fill with salt. Then again to put several heads of garlic. And so to the top of the box. People who use this method of storing garlicand argued that the product under such conditions remains juicy until spring.
When storing garlicand the kitchen, at room temperature, in any case can not pack it in plastic, otherwise it can suffocate and rot. It is better to store the garlic in a thick cloth sack and covered it with dry onion skin, wood ashes or dry sawdust.
Keep the garlic in the winter can Paramonov it into garlic powder. For this, the cloves of garlicand the need to clean, wash, cut into thin slices, dry thoroughly and grind. This garlic powder is very handy to use as a condiment to any dish.
And you can store garlic in the winter in the oil. Peeled cloves of garlicand should be placed in three-liter jar, cover them with oil and close the plastic cover, done in advance, holes. A jar of garlicohms should be kept in the fridge. Thus, garlic is always ready for use. In addition, the oil in which the product is stored will also acquire a nice garlic taste.

Advice 2 : How to preserve garlic until spring

Garlic is a real storehouse of nutrients. Without it, perhaps, not do almost none of the modern family. It is necessary and in the kitchen, and medicine chest. Growing this useful vegetable in their garden beds or purchasing it for the winter on the market, everyone wants to save the garlic to spring fresh.
How to preserve garlic until spring
You will need
  • - Scissors to trim the stems;
  • - shovel;
  • - candle or gas burner;
  • - slatted shelf (options: wooden crates with lid, sacks of dried nettles);
  • thermometer;
  • - glass jars, sunflower oil and honey (optional).
It is important to remove the garlic in the fall to prevent it from rotting during storage. Start to harvest in dry weather, and after digging up the bulbs like to be dry. Be sure to thoroughly sort through the garlic. For long term storage you should leave only the choicest heads, vegetables with small damage and a moldy set aside separately and consume food in the first place.
Cut the garlic stems with scissors after drying of the crop. Now you need to burn the roots with paraffin candle or a gas burner - this is a very important point that many experienced gardeners to keep the bulbs a long time to complete, to prevent their premature drying and damage.
Divide the garlic for long term storage on slatted shelves is the most often recommended option, which gives excellent results. Layer vegetables in them should not be too thick, enough about 15 centimeters. In addition, it is permissible to put the head in a small wooden box (not a thick layer), but not necessarily so over them and the lid tightly closed remained free space. Many Housewives store the garlic and bundles, as well as in the form of small braided pigtails in limbo. If you have collected a very large crop, then fill the canvas (not plastic!) the bags are pre-dried nettles, store the bulbs in them.
Be sure to observe the optimum temperature of storage of garlic, not to perepoloshit and, in contrast, do not overdry head. It is believed that this vegetable is best stored at temperatures from -5 to +8 degrees. Her strong differences in the room. Normal conditions for storing garlic are in a dry basement and a glazed loggia on the North side.
Useful advice
Some craftsmen preserve fresh garlic cloves, and divide the vegetable on the prongs, which are then purified. After that garlic can be pickled with other vegetables. This will keep them in better condition, but the garlic will lose its flavor. The best way to preserve all the properties of peeled cloves – fill them with honey (more expensive option) or sunflower oil. As such, the long vegetable may be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly closed glass jar. The honey from it can be used for the treatment and prevention of colds and the oil with garlic flavor – for the filling of different salads.
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