Traditionally the wearing of a brace pregnant by a doctor-a gynecologist. Depending on the course of pregnancy, orthopedic product may be useful for another 22 week's, maybe 30. Additional support is needed not for everyone, so experiment with the health of the expectant mother should not.

Features wearing brace

Bandage helps to prevent fatigue, relieve fatigue, the load on the spine and legs. The product is recommended to be worn in multiple, complex pregnancy, threatened miscarriage, varicose veins, osteochondrosis or active lifestyle, the presence of uterine scar. To select the size of bandage to help the doctor, he needs to demonstrate how the need to wear special underwear.

Due to the fact that the bandage fixes the position of the fetus, the device cannot be used for the wrong presentation of the child. To determine the size of the product, you need to take measurements of the abdomen in the navel area. The expectant mother should stand.

To fix the brace to be worn is required at the right level so as not to squeeze the fruit. Ideally to try special underwear pregnant need prone, lift the thigh, the bandage should be held in the lower part of the buttocks and under the belly. The model needs to be adjusted so that women can feel comfortable, but the linen was not too loose or tight.

How often should I wear a jockstrap

Regardless of the view, orthopedic products for pregnant women not to wear all the time. It is not recommended to wear a bandage at night. Ideally do half-hour breaks required every 3-4 hours wear. From about 39 weeks, the bandage need to carry a minimal amount of time on walks or performing household chores. It was at this time the abdomen of a pregnant woman falls, the baby prepares for birth.

The easiest way to correctly fix the bandage by following the instructions on the package. But always need to rely on their own experience. Be sure to consider the material from which made the brace. A new generation of materials shown to carry pregnant women to meet special underwear exclusively from natural fabrics is impossible, because the products of this type must be flexible.

It is advisable to try on in the store several models to choose the most convenient. If you want to wear a bandage and after pregnancy, you can give preference to the generic version.