You will need
    • 4 Cup sour cream
    • 1 Cup sugar
    • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
    • 1 teaspoon instant coffee or 1 lemon
    • berries
    • vanilla to taste.
Buy or make all the right components. The cream should be purchased no lumps, fresh, pre-it is better to cool in the refrigerator. Best of cream is suitable cream, where fat content is 30 %. And beat it better at low temperatures.
A few hours before you will make the cream, you can strain the cream through a colander and cheesecloth, after which it will become a little drier, which means that the cream is not so strongly impregnated with cakes and save the form. If this is not done, the cakes will not need to separately impregnate, the cream will do it myself.
Start preparing the cream. This chilled cream to whip with a glass of sugar until obtaining a lush mass. Capacity with sour cream while whipping with a whisk is better to put in a pot with cold water for even more cooling, otherwise your cream and not whipped. We can also add vanillin.
Then your steps may be different, depending on which cream you would like to have. For dark cream chocolate, you need cocoa and coffee, which you should pour in the cream after sugar.
If you want to fruit the sour cream, you can add a bit of gelatin, about 30 grams, previously dissolved in hot water. Then add mashed berries or jam and it all over again whisk.
Also in the sour cream add lemon. For this you will need 1 lemon, which you need to hold in boiling water until tender and then cool. Then remove the seeds, and lemon skip through Mincer along with the zest. The resulting mass is necessary to mix in the cream and stir gently.