You can, of course, to acquire such useful in the household unit as a special universal grater for carrots or regular slicer. But the real cooks prefer to show their skill by slicing the carrots manually the most bizarre ways. So, take a very sharp knife with a thin stiff blade. Wash and peel the carrots.
Cutting straws is one of the most common ways aesthetic chopping carrots. Cut the carrots lengthwise into fairly thin sheets. Then cut the carrot pile lined plate diagonally, retreating 2-3 mm. take the time that straw is smooth and neat. The result of chopping will be a long, thin straws, perfect for salad and soup.
Pilaf carrots require larger cuts. In no case do not RUB it on the grater, so it will lose its juiciness from the first minutes of cooking. Suitable semiring carrots with a thickness of 3 mm, and large short straws also from 3-4 mm in thickness. Cutting follows the same principle as the small straw. First, divide the carrots lengthwise and then into strips and then the strips.
Salad "Carrots in Korean" shredder needs to be very long. The transverse strips may be a bit short, so the method of cutting is slightly different. First, slice the vegetable lengthwise into thin plates, then a stack of plates along - not diagonally and not across - cut smooth not small and not large julienne 2-3 mm. After carrots are chopped all the "salad" rules, you can begin to prepare a Korean refueling".
Sometimes you need to chop the carrots into sticks, for example, the Ferghana pilau. This is done in the following way: cut carrots in half lengthwise. Again cut in half lengthwise. Then cut in half crosswise several times. Get a neat little wedges.
Of boiled carrots, you can cut beautiful flowers. Carrots cut into longitudinal plates with a thickness of 3 mm. From the album cut out an isosceles triangle. On one side of the triangle make a cut in the form of teeth. Lay the four triangular teeth of the workpiece outside. Before you carrot flower.
To cut a carrot star, along with carrots in length penetrate deep grooves, and then cut into plates of 3 mm.