You will need
  • Cutting Board, very sharp knife with a stiff blade, carrot
Take raw carrots and a knife with a stiff blade is solid. Check that the knife was acutely sharpened.
First, you need to clean the carrots. You can do this with a peeler or with the same knife. As you prefer.
Now cut the carrots into thinner plates. Cut the carrots lengthways. If the knife is well sharpened, then you do not require much effort. Plate the carrots should be in thickness no more than 3mm.
Next, put the plates one on another and cut a length of thin strips. Carrot, cut into long straws ready. Also you can cut a stack of plates of carrots slightly diagonal. Choose the most convenient way for you.
If the salad you need to cut the carrots in fine julienne, then it can be done in the following way. Peel the carrots and cut into strips in the length, and breadth, putting the knife on the diagonal. After cutting in front of you there should be the stack of flat oval plates.
Put the plates on one another to get not a very high pile, and cut them diagonally into thin strips. Do this with all records. Finely sliced strips of carrot ready. Can be served slightly salted, and you can make a delicious salad.
Really love your children with carrots cut in small strips, the following very useful and tasty dessert. Slice 2-3 medium carrots in small strips, lightly salt, season with lemon juice. Add half a Cup of crushed walnuts, peanuts or almonds to choose from and 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Put the dessert in a pretty bowl, garnish with pieces of candy or dried fruit.
Carrots, cut into long strips, you can make the snack for the holiday table. Slice 3-4 carrots the first of the methods mentioned above. Crush 4-5 cloves of garlic, add to the carrots, season the salad to taste with mayonnaise or sour cream, lightly season with salt, garnish and serve.
Salad carrot sticks a lot, the above are just two of many. I wish you new, delicious, healthy discoveries, and Bon appetit.