You will need
  • knife;
  • - cutting Board.
This method of cutting for the preparation of the first dishes in which carrots pre-fried in vegetable oil with onions and other vegetables, and then put into the dish during the cooking process. First, cut carrot, a few slices then fold together and cut into strips.
Sliced carrot looks nice in meat broths, vegetable dishes, vegetable and meat casseroles that use large meats included in the dish ingredients.
To cut the carrots this way, you will need patience and a sharp thin knife. First, cut the carrots in circles. Then in each circle on the perimeter of the cut out little triangles. Sliced in such an original way the carrots will look beautiful in jars of pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as decorating children's dishes.
If you add boiled carrots to salads such as salad or Olivier, it is better to slice it in small cubes, and remaining ingredients. To do this, first slice the carrots on circles, then multiple circles connect together and cut into cubes.
Use sliced carrots when cooking meat or vegetable rolls. To do this, cut the carrots lengthways. Then each half cut into strips of desired thickness.
Large pieces.
When cooking a separate side dish of carrots or as a component of vegetable garnish, slice the carrots in large pieces. This method is ideal for roasting carrots or cooking it for a couple. For this carrots cut crosswise into several pieces, then each piece cut lengthwise into 2 or 4 parts.