In order to independently learn how to quickly chop the vegetables, you will need a lot of patience and a sharp knife. Everyone decides for himself what kind of knife more comfortable to use. A beginners training tend to choose knives with a heavy handle and stainless steel blade. You can purchase an expensive set of knives and use mostly only one of them. Keep in mind that the knife must be well sharpened - this depends on the speed and cut thickness of the slices. A dull knife quickly to chop the vegetables will not work - you will only cut yourself.
From the fact, whether you hold the knife with one hand and, for example, vegetable - other, depends on the integrity of your fingers. If you are right handed, the knife should be in your right hand. His arm firmly clasp your hand. Other hand to hold the vegetable as shown in the figure. That is, the wide side plane of the blade should almost touch the bent fingers of the other hand.
Press the product to be cut firmly against the Board with your fingertips. Their outer side must be parallel to the knife blade. To cut, the fingers you need to keep only slightly bent, and the knife should slide smoothly along the fingers, but not to touch them.
Movement when cutting needs to be well coordinated. The tip of the knife should almost always touch the surface of the Board and the hand in which you hold the knife, you must make movements according to the type of ellipse. That is, you have to cut a vegetable, and quick to cut. If it is cut, the blade of the knife very quickly becomes blunt.
The hand with which you hold vegetables, herbs, meat or fish should quickly slide back how fast you wield the knife, pushing forward the product. Thus, you affect the thickness of the slices. Hands should not be stretched, otherwise you will very quickly get tired. The wrist and hands when cutting should be to the extent possible, relaxed.