You will need
  • • Fresh carrots;
  • • device for cutting or sharp kitchen knife and cutting Board.
Before cutting carrots for the salad in Korean roots thoroughly wash and clean. Cut off the tails and the base. Carrots are ready for shredding.
Best of all, if you already have a special device for slicing carrots in Korean. To do this, simply place it in the food bowl where you will prepare a snack. Carrots, place the side against the grater under the most acute angle, so that when cutting out the strips to 5-8 cm in length. Do not try to grate before the end of each carrot. So you get straws of different lengths and the aesthetic appearance of the meals will be a little spoiled. Use leftover carrots for cooking other dishes.
If you haven't purchased a shredder for slicing carrots into strips, nothing. Carrots can be cut manually. Try to choose the roots of those cultivars that have the shape close to cylindrical. These include carrots, Nantes, vitamin and others. Sharp knife for cutting vegetables, cut each carrot lengthwise into plates with a thickness of 2-3 mm. If the fruits of the carrot is long enough, cut the plate down, but not shorter than 5 cm Now add a few plates of the same size together and slice them along the long side of the strips not thicker than 2-3 mm. you should Have strips of almost the same length and square section. Now add chopped carrots ready to cook, loved by all Russians of Korean food.