Advice 1: How to chop carrots for carrot in Korean

Carrots in Korean become part of our kitchen and has become an essential ingredient in many salads. Before our hostess had not dared at home to prepare this delicious snack and bought it ready made on the market. Now many do it yourself and share recipes with others. With the methods of slicing carrots for this popular dish you will find in this manual.
How to chop carrots for carrot in Korean
You will need
  • • Fresh carrots;
  • • device for cutting or sharp kitchen knife and cutting Board.
Before cutting carrots for the salad in Korean roots thoroughly wash and clean. Cut off the tails and the base. Carrots are ready for shredding.
Best of all, if you already have a special device for slicing carrots in Korean. To do this, simply place it in the food bowl where you will prepare a snack. Carrots, place the side against the grater under the most acute angle, so that when cutting out the strips to 5-8 cm in length. Do not try to grate before the end of each carrot. So you get straws of different lengths and the aesthetic appearance of the meals will be a little spoiled. Use leftover carrots for cooking other dishes.
If you haven't purchased a shredder for slicing carrots into strips, nothing. Carrots can be cut manually. Try to choose the roots of those cultivars that have the shape close to cylindrical. These include carrots, Nantes, vitamin and others. Sharp knife for cutting vegetables, cut each carrot lengthwise into plates with a thickness of 2-3 mm. If the fruits of the carrot is long enough, cut the plate down, but not shorter than 5 cm Now add a few plates of the same size together and slice them along the long side of the strips not thicker than 2-3 mm. you should Have strips of almost the same length and square section. Now add chopped carrots ready to cook, loved by all Russians of Korean food.
It is not necessary to prepare Korean carrot, rubbed it on an ordinary grater. With this method of chopping vegetables lose their spicy hrustenko.
Useful advice
In recent years, a host of kitchen devices for slicing carrots into strips. This is a variety of float with removable knives, and similar attachments can be equipped with modern food processors.

Advice 2: Why the leaves of carrot are purple-red hue

Growing carrots, we often see the tops of the leaves turn purple-red color. Then the leaves turn yellow, the carrot tops begin to wither and dry up.
Why the leaves of carrot are purple-red hue

What happens to the carrots?

This plant carrots a signal "SOS" and asked for help. Culture attacks a malicious pest, the carrot fly. She begins her departure in the spring when the gardens bloom and lilac. As fly rapidly develops its activity during the entire garden season, then deal with it extremely difficult and troublesome. This is a malicious insect is strictly "works" according to the scheme: fly-eggs-larvae-fly and "stamps" from generation to generation. Even some of the larvae in the autumn may remain in the roots and migrate to the basement for storage. As well as the larvae and overwinter well in the soil. Especially a highly annoying pest in wet years.

The damage caused by carrot fly

My first "attack" the fly starts on the "kids" who have only appeared a few leaves. In the future, the growth of roots is inhibited. They become twisted, woody, tasteless and even bitter. Crack, become deformed in shape with characteristic damages for carrot flies banners around the roots and rusty moves from larvae. Such a crop shall not be stored.

First aid at the first sign of plant damage carrots

Remove from the patches of damaged plants carrots and destruction.

If the damage is small, then use traditional methods: process and shed the soil with extracts of onion (garlic), you can leave the husk on the corn.

Dusting any having at hand, odorous funds will also help. It - any pepper, mustard powder, ash, tobacco dust mixture, the chopped herb wormwood. Dusting need to be repeated in a few days and after rains. The task of the gardener is to confuse carrot fly and ward off it from the patch.

After watering, you need to rake and mulch the soil. Good mulches are peat and coarse sand that carrot fly can not tolerate. The fly does not like dry mulch.

It is important that the plant of carrot is well ventilated and do not grow to unacceptable distress. Bare roots should be mulched or patriciate soil.

If damage is significant, it is necessary to use chemical methods, following exactly the instructions. But this is an extreme measure.

You can grow carrots under non-woven covering material. It protects the plants from carrot flies.

Advice 3: Why you want carrots

Sometimes a man can suddenly want certain products. For example, an acute desire to eat carrots overtakes not only pregnant women, but also men or children. It can be a casual fad or a signal of the lack of vitamins.
Best of all carrots consumed in juice form

To taste the carrots on the language you may want, if the body outlines problems with vision, mucous membranes or skin. Perhaps they have not yet manifested sufficiently, but if you do not feed the body the right foods, the process is compounded. The fact that the carotene that is the pigment that gives these root vegetables orange color, in the process of digestion is converted into vitamin A. It is vital the eyes to recover from bright flashes of light and the ability to see in twilight. Vitamin a deficiency can lead to drying of the cornea and, subsequently, to the conjunctivitis. A similar process occurs in the lungs and in the genital organs, and stomach: wherever there is mucous, it turns into the Horny layer cells. Vitamin a accelerates the synthesis of collagen and helps the skin faster updated.

With this in mind, it is important not just regularly chew on a carrot, but to do it right. With roots remove the thin top layer of skin and shredded carrots or turn it into juice. Best of all it digestible in its raw form and in combination with fatty foods - butter, sour cream, mayonnaise.

Interestingly, psychologists believe those who are particularly fond of carrots, a healthy and balanced human beings.

Advice 4: Why the carrots didn't come out

It is impossible to imagine our gardens without carrots. But it happens that some fans of agriculture does not develop a "relationship" with this vegetable beauty. If you know the reasons and to avoid simple errors, be sure your garden will grow the best carrots.
Why the carrots didn't come out

The main reasons why carrot does not rise:

  • Old seeds. Carrot seeds remain viable for 2 to 3 years. Even seeds 1 class have a germination rate of around 70%, second class is only 45%. Buying bags of carrot seeds, pay attention not only to the expiration date of the class, but the flavor coming from the package of carrot seeds. Fresh seeds emit a fragrance, if they are unprocessed (in the form of pellets, tape) and Packed in an additional package.
  • Depth of seeding. Finely sown carrot seeds just dry, deep-seeded will not be able to climb out to white light.
  • Watering and soil moisture. It is necessary to sow the seeds in moist soil. Given that the carrot has the "audacity" to rise about two weeks on average, and the sowing is carried out by 1 or 2 cm depth, as seeds are small, with no moisture in the soil and seedlings will not.

You need to carrot seeds germinate?

Seeding is best done not in the narrow grooves side by side, and in a broad band (10...15 cm wide). Seeds can be directly expanded to try to save some money rather than rattling off a bunch in a narrow groove. Because then you have the "pile" to pull out. But before you put the seeds the tape is necessary to shed water from a watering can, trying not to blur the earth. Let the water soak in and begin planting. Moisture will not be superfluous. Seeds sprinkled the ground (peat, humus) and on top of not water, but only harbouring non-woven material. Plastic film should not be used. In Sunny weather, under the film seeds can burn. In the absence of rains and prolonged dry weather, if the top layer of soil dries up, the crops are carefully watered from a watering can without removing material.

Sow the carrots around the edge of the beds impossible. Sowing is carried out, departing from the edge of the beds at least 10...15 cm.

Land for planting and growing carrots should be cultivated and have a neutral reaction.

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