The dimension line of panties from different manufacturers are different. However, for the convenience of manufacturers of products use a unified marking. Thus, the European range of sizes consists of the letters: "S" - small "M" medium "L" large "XL" – very large, "XXL" –superalloy.

Some manufacturers to size designations use the pant waist size and growth, it is not very clear.
Our traditional Russian pant sizes are determined by the size of the hips. You need to take a centimeter and make it around horizontally, the exposed areas of the buttocks. Divide the resulting number by two (poluobhvat) and you will get your pant size.
When buying branded men's underwear you should compare your size to European size, the mapping table is usually printed on the package of underpants. Russian find your size and then match it to the European letter size.
Experts advise not to buy too tight or too loose underwear. Pants must fit properly and not restrict movement. Model pant depends entirely on your preferences. But the material of the pants should be only natural. It can be cotton or silk. Modern underwear manufacture permits the manufacture of underpants from cotton, lycra and micro modal, the modernized cellulose fibers.