Distinguish seven basic chakras located along the spine, their detailed description can be found in the literature. Full disclosure of the chakras gives a person access to numerous talents and abilities. In addition, significantly enhanced health, changing for the better character.

Each chakra has its own purpose and, therefore, determines the corresponding aspirations and needs. Ignoring these needs, people automatically closes the chakras. For example, practice sexual abstinence, characteristic of some religions, leads to the closing of the lower chakras. Which in turn negatively affects human health, his longevity. At the same time in a number of other Uch
a Protocol is considered to be that "baser" desires of man cannot be ignored, they should simply translate to a higher spiritual level. This way, in particular, is implemented in tantric practices.

Thus, for proper harmonious of the disclosure of the chakras you need to focus on the highest aspirations that correspond to these energy centers.

Methods of disclosure of the chakras

There are several basic methods of disclosure of the chakras, the best result is achieved with their joint use.

1. On the first method mentioned above – it is necessary to choose the highest and purest aspirations. This, in turn, will automatically open your chakras, and very smoothly and harmoniously. For example, for opening the heart chakra – anahata – try to do everything from the standpoint of love. Always ask yourself the question: "how would in this case have been a loving person?" - and act accordingly.

2. Meditation on the chakras. Each chakra has its own color, sound and image. All this information can be found on the web. For the simplest kind of meditation enough color. For example, color Agni (chakra "third eye") – blue. To accurately determine the color, remember how the burning gas – this shade of blue and you need.

It is best to meditate sitting cross-legged in a comfortable position for you. But there is meditation before sleeping already lying in bed. This option has its pluses – at night there are bright beautiful dream, and someone can even get into a lucid dream.

During the meditation concentrate alternately on the chakras starting from the Muladhara and ending agnoy. Try to see the mind's eye at the location of the chakras glowing energy ball about the size of a tennis) of the corresponding color. For it will be red Muladhara, svadhisthana, orange, etc. Concentrate on the chakra for about five minutes, then move on to the next.

3. To open the chakras you can take the help of a spiritual mentor who can work with the energies. But this method has its drawbacks – if the chakras were open someone, not further their own work they will again be closed. Therefore it is better to work on opening the energy centers themselves.

The risks associated with opening the chakras

When a person completely opens up some chakra, he becomes open to the corresponding external energies. They can be very powerful and deliver even a purely physical suffering. That is why the opening of the chakras should go very slowly.

Some spiritual advisors recommend to open the chakras in order from the top to the bottom. It has its own logic – revealing the top chakra is responsible for spiritual development, you will be much easier to cope with a fairly aggressive energies of the lower chakras. In any case, it is best to open the chakras under the supervision of experienced person, already passed this way.