You will need
  • - vitamins a, C, E;
  • - blueberries;
  • - chicory;
  • - parsley;
  • - celery;
  • - carrot;
  • pencil.
Healthy and nutritious food will help you to quickly improve eyesight. Eyes need vitamins A, C and E, vegetable dyes, and zinc. A large number of minerals and vitamins that increase blood flow to the eyes contains linseed oil, spinach and marine fish. Can not do without vitamin A, which is best absorbed with oil (contained in carrots). In summer, treat yourself to fresh blueberries, this berry will significantly improve the sharpness of your vision and replenish the body with beneficial trace elements. Include in the diet of green salad and cottage cheese, cabbage and onions, mushrooms, rose hips, milk products, citrus and nuts.
Fresh juices can improve eyesight in just a few days. For this you will need chicory, parsley, carrots and celery, which you should squeeze the juice and mix in equal proportions (30 grams). Drink this mixture once a day during the week - a few days later you will feel a noticeable improvement.
Blueberries have long been used to improve the view - this miraculous berry was used in the form of decoctions of leaves and in the form of drops. Drops prepare immediately before use. Take five to seven fresh or frozen blueberries and squeeze out the juice through a sterile gauze. Dilute a few drops of blueberry juice with water (one drop of juice, two drops of water). Instill two drops of blueberry mixture in each eye once a day. Five days later the vision will start to improve.
To improve vision regularly perform simple exercises. Much zazhmurte eyes, straining their muscles, count to four and open eyelids, relax your muscles. Look at the closest point near you then shift your gaze to the farthest object. Repeat these exercises five to seven times.
Take a pencil and extend your arm forward, move the object from side to side and watch for movement. The head should remain stationary. Move the pencil to the tip of the nose to its ghosting and dismiss away. Do 10-15 of these exercises.
A good tonic effect on blood circulation and nerve endings of the eye have such simple manipulations, like stroking the closed eyes with the fingertips, light pressure, vibration, light kneading and massage the palm of your hand. It is advisable to massage both eyes at the same time the index and middle fingers. On the upper edge of the century – above the eyebrow, along the bottom – move to the nose. Repeat these movements ten or fifteen times. Then the back of the second phalanx of the thumb having a stroking of the eyebrows, going from the nose to the temples with light pressure (eyes should be closed).
A few minutes later after the gym take a cool bath to the eyes. Dial in a clean container with cool water and immerse the face with open eyes for five seconds. Do this three to five times. Hold your eyes closed and dry them with a soft towel, then slowly lift the eyelids. Cool baths can be done up to four times a day.