The choice of namesand is influenced by many factors, some this time of the year and the month when baby is born. Children born in summer are courage, activity and pride. In life, they easily risk. Also they are very impressionable. These kids have a gentle nature, which easily succumb to outside influence.
Children whose birthday fell in June, are very vulnerable and cautious in their actions. They differ incredible courage and determination.
The names of the "summer kids" can give absolutely any. Just remember, the child's name is given for life, think about the future of your kid. Let's see how to combine the selected name with middle name and surname.
Baby you can call on in the list. To do this, purchase the Church calendar, all the names painted on the numbers. In ancient times, at baptism, the infant was given the name his parents gave. This name was kept secret from outsiders. And the name that she called mom and dad, called in everyday life. Just keep in mind, a name from the calendar obsolete.
According to psychologists, the name affects the formation of the temperament and character of the child. Names that contain the letter "R," contribute to the formation of persistent and even a strong character.
It is not necessary to name the baby in honor of the dead or grandparents - is will put the best mark on the life of your child. It can not only inherit the positive qualities of a relative, and negative.
It often happens that parents already have a name for the baby before he was born, and when he appears they realize that his name is not suitable. But fit completely different. In this case we say that the name itself found its owner.
For boys born in June, perfect names: Roman, Alexander, Ivan, Nikita, Dmitry, Sergey. For girls: Elena, Juliana, Valeria. Moreover, these names coincide with the calendar for this month.