For example, if your child was born in early January, it would suit such names as Daniel, Nicholas, Stephen, Ivan, Ignatius, Theodore or Constantine. For a boy born in the middle of this month, you can choose from such names as Benjamin, Anton, George, Alexander, Sergey, Denis. The baby, born at the end of January, you can call Maxim, Dmitry, Kirill.
For children born in the first part of February will find the names of Arseniy, Makar, Zakhar, Gennady, Arcady, Vasily, Victor, Nikita, Egor, and Yuri. The boy, who was born in the second half of the month, you can call Makar, Alex, Michael, Cyril, Artem.
If the birthday of your child was in March, you can choose from the following list: Paul, Eugene, Maxim, Ivan, Alexander, Philip, Timothy, Yuri, Nestor, Il, Trofim.
For the boys, who were born in April, will approach such names as Sergei, Victor, Herman, Bertha, Zach, Tom, mark, Simon, Vadim, David, Aristarchus, Timothy.
Boys born in may, suitable Fedor, Dennis, Vitaly, Gerasim, Rostislav, Herman, Arseniy, Makar.
June also has its saints: Dmitry, Mikhail, Roman, Valery, Igor, Andrey.
The boy, born in July, can be named Leontius, Terence, Gleb, Svyatoslav, Ivan, Peter, Paul, Sergei, Valentin, Vladimir, or Leonid.
Childrenwho were born in August, called names such as Makar, mark, Julian Kuzma, Maxim, Alexey, Nikita, Arkady.
For Sep names Andrian, Peter, Yuri, Mikhail, Ivan, Elijah, Julian, Simon, Theodore.
The boy, born in October, you can call Arkady, Oleg, Andrey, Vlad, Ivan, Gregory, Sergey, Benjamin, Damian, Matthew, Nazar.
The patron saints of November, Constantine, Marcian, Maxim, Zinovy, Valery, Michael, Cyril, Matthew, Gregory, Simon.
The boy, born in December, called the Novel, Klim, Denis, Ivan, Andrey, Nikolay, Hilarion, Alexander.