The original names for girls-the twins

So in your family were born twin girls. Most likely, you already thought of names for them or choose from a variety of options. Most likely, girls will be a big part of life to spend together, so the selection of names should be treated with great responsibility: it is not necessary to go to extremes, but if you don't want to give the child too simple, normal name, try different options.

Name variants

Can be seen as consonant names, for example: Alina, Arina, Alice and Naomi, Valentina and Alevtina, Akulina and Paulina, Angelica and Evredika, Darina, and Albina, Alexandra and Cassandra, Ella, and Emma, Anastasia and Anastasia, Victoria and Valeria, agate and gold, Mariana and Juliana, Stephanie and Melanie, Ludmila, Radmila, Veronica and Aurika. In addition, you can choose names not so similar-sounding, but like complementary: Anita and Beata, Aurora and Venus, angelina and Seraphim, Euphrosyne and Fevronia, Isabella and Isadora, Lydia and Diana, Melissa and Lily, Barbara and Victoria, Roxanne and Renata, Danae and Medea, Jana and Maya.

What to consider when choosing names

It is desirable that the names were "equal", that is, approximately equal in length and in sound pronounce they consonants like "p", "d", "t". Because each letter of a person's name gives it certain qualities. Agree, it is "hard" name like Rostislav't quite harmoniously will be combined with "soft" in the name of Alla. In this case, the best choice could be a combination of Rostyslav and Yaroslav or Alla, and Bella. In turn, each name has a unique origin: Greek, Slavic, Latin, Hebrew or Arabic. Treat this issue carefully, review the commentators names. It is highly desirable that the names of the twins were of the same origin as the Arabic name Fatima is not quite suitable, for example, such as the Greek name Agatha.

Energy charge name

Before choosing a name be sure to read the notation. After all, the name is partly a set of skills you can give a man the rest of his life. And, of course, it is better that the name carried a positive energy charge. With all the variety of choice names, consider also the fact that the girls ' names should be combined with surname and patronymic. It is best with the middle name will harmonize names ending in a vowel. Of course, assuming that the first name starts with a consonant and Vice versa. For example: Marina and Irina's knowledge.

The unusual name and the fate of

Very often, parents give names to their children too much attention, causing mishaps: for example, a favorite character from the show (e.g. Monica) is unlikely to be a good choice for a girl from a Russian family. And the old Slavic name, for example, the Euphrosyne, may be too frilly for the baby. In any case, choosing the names for two people, inquire about what names to christen their children, people in your circle, in your city. Remember, the name is given to man once, and his life, even socialization, can seriously depend on.