When selecting a name, refer to the calendar name to the calendar. The calendar is a list of Christian saints, compiled in the days of their commemoration. Usually on every day, have several names. If you pick up the child a name, focusing on the Holy, that will provide the child with protection for life. Name day is a day of a guardian angel.
Children born in October, belong to two zodiac signs – Libra and Scorpio. If parents believe more in astrology, you should choose son's name, which suggest astrologers. The name has a certain power, and if it is properly matched to the character, the person will not have internal conflict.
If the parents decided to choose the name, not focusing on the calendar and the advice of the astrologers, then you need to keep in mind that men born in October, cautious, practical, economic. They are decent and not violent. Choose the profession from the fields of business, law or art. With friends and family, they don't always keep their word, can violate these obligations. But do not give it much importance, because always ready to help a friend, if he's in trouble. Give advice not like, however, as take – always based only on your opinion.
Knowing all this about the future of the child, the parents can choose the baby's name by reading the values of the names.
Male names recommended for those born in October, a lot . The choice of parents is limited to a few. Variety gives the opportunity to stay on the name that will be combined with the middle name and surname. So historically, that the middle name in our country plays a minor role. It adds status, so it is important that the euphonious name combined with a patronymic.
But the most important thing – the name should appeal to both parents. Not be ridiculous or funny for the modern man. The child is not strongly stand out among their peers, but unusual name can be a subject of ridicule. And boyhave a very important that it is taken friends.
Here are some names that will suit a boy born in October. According to the calendar – Benjamin, Michael, David, Konstantin, Ivan, Dennis.

The signs of the zodiac. Libra: Boris, Victor, Eugene, Leonid, Makar. Scorpio: Arkady Sergei, Fedor, Yuri, Yaroslav.