You will need
  • - monitor driver.
If your computer's operating system is Windows Vista or Seven, open the personalize from the context menu of the desktop. In the screen resolution settings, select the set permissions on the system, then wait for the optimal parameters. You should change the scale of the elements of the system, if not, the resolution remains the same. In this case, the problem is not solved change display settings, so use the configuration menu of the control panel and select the type of font smoothing.
If your computer's operating system is Windows XP, read the documentation of your monitor model in order to determine the optimal resolution settings. You can also install it with special tools available from the disk with the software to monitor, which is usually attached with the purchase.
Insert it into the drive or download the installer from the Internet. Install the software on your computer and then launch the management utility and monitor settings. Set the optimum resolution and apply the changes.
In the cases where you can't set optimum values of the monitor parameters to ensure the desired level of definition, download and install it on your computer professional program screen calibration. They differ mainly in the set of tools to debug the image, but if you want to achieve the best result, use programs designed for professionals. Also the clarity of the image on the screen may depend on the program settings, for example, some web browsers have a special utility for font smoothing.