Try to adjust the sharpness using the internal menu on the monitor. To do this, enter the menu and select Sharpness, if the menu is not Russified, or "Sharpness". And you can adjust the sharpness of your monitor.
If the manipulation of the internal menu has not led to the desired result, you can also try to configure it via the menu "Control Panel". Go to the start menu, the window that POPs up, select "settings", then "control Panel" and select the "Screen" section. The easier option is to: click the right mouse button on the desktop, in the appeared window choose menu "Properties".
In this and in the other case a window opens with 5 tabs. Before you adjust the sharpness of the monitor, carefully read the accompanying documents to it. Adjust the sharpness of a monitor depends on its model. LCD monitors in the documents must be set to its optimal resolution. Remember these figures.
Then earlier in the open window select the tab "Settings". On the left is the section "screen Resolution" if set there resolution above or below that you remember you need to change it to optimal, ie minded of you. In case if none of those digits, set as close as possible to him.
In addition, in the tab "appearance" by clicking on the button "Effects" you can increase or decrease the desktop icons, which also affect your perception of images.
If you have an older CRT monitor and are you sure that the deterioration of sharpness is not dependent on its life, try to do it with the same manipulation. If the reason in life, experts recommend to replace it with a new, as an attempt to set the sharpness is unlikely to lead to higher level of sharpness.