Change the refresh rate of the monitor. To do this, turn on the computer. Right-click on the field "Desktop" in any place (but not on the icons and the taskbar and start menu"). On the screen appears the window "display Properties". Select the "Advanced" tab and activate it by clicking on it two times the mouse cursor. There will be additional Properties: plug and play monitor". On the top, select the tab "Monitor" and activate the mouse cursor.
Later in the section "monitor Settings", check "check Box" under "to Hide modes which the monitor cannot use". This will not display the refresh rate supported by your monitor. Remember that the choice of the frequencies supported by your monitor, can lead to unstable image or bad hardware.
Select "monitor refresh rate" and view the available range of frequencies, which supports your monitor. Select the highest value available. Click "OK" or "Apply" in the lower right corner of the window. After that, the system will take you to the window "display Properties" and your chosen settings will be applied. Then restart the computer. Do not select safe mode.
In addition to changing the refresh rate of the monitor, change the resolution of the monitor. Remember that properly selected resolution of the monitor not only increases productivity but also helps to reduce the negative impact on your vision. To install higher-resolution your module connect the monitor must support certain features. In the window "display Properties" in the lower left corner look for the words "screen Resolution" and set it to the maximum possible. Click "OK" or "Apply" and restart the computer.