You will need
  • computer;
  • - administrator rights.
Right click on the workspace of the personal computer. In the context menu select "Properties". This menu is responsible for all the graphic settings PC. To improve the image on the monitor, you need to choose the most optimal resolution options. To do this, move the cursor to one side or the other in the tab "screen Resolution".
Once everything is configured, click on the "apply to all settings was saved. Also do not forget that the screen resolution allows you to increase or decrease the size of shortcuts on the desktop. Then take a look at the tab "color Quality". You should be set to "highest 32 bit". If there is something else, replace it.
Click on the "Advanced" button to invoke the other configuration of the operating system. Here you can view information about the video card installed in your computer. Also worth noting is that the image quality depends on the graphics card and drivers that are installed in the computer. Look online on the official website of the manufacturer all drivers that can be updated.
Next, click on the "Monitor" tab. Check the settings fields "screen refresh rate". Usually, the best option is to set this parameter to the value "60 Hz". Once all parameters are set up, restart personal computer to all settings in the system was fully maintained. In General we can say that to improve the image of the monitor is not difficult, however, significant differences in this will not. If you want a more realistic image, you need to buy a new monitor.