You will need
  • hip, warm water, pumice, polishing nail file, a towel;
  • - tea tree oil or mint, decoction of chamomile, nettle, pine needles for foot baths;
  • - aloe Vera or a mixture of honey, ghee and egg yolk for a soft compress.
Cleansing rough skin on heels spend gradually, layer by layer, and only after pre-steaming. Soak the foot (feet) in a basin with hot water – 45-50oC. As it cools add the previously prepared water at higher temperatures. This will make the skin softer, and processing it faster.
After thorough steaming the heels with a pumice stone remove the dead skin layer. And so it was schedules and not turned into rags and wiping it in one direction and not in different directions. Put your feet in the water for a few minutes. Next, lightly towel dried, Polish the skin first sawing with large coverage, then fine. And at the end of the procedure, rinse your feet with cool water, Pat dry, brush with a nourishing cream, and to enhance its action wear socks made of natural fabrics.
In the formation on the heels of a deep sore cracks use for steaming microbicides, for example, add water, 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, tinctures or decoction of calendula, chamomile, pine needles. And after the bath make a compress of soothing aloe Vera pulp. Apply it to dried skin (flesh to crack) and Sabitova, leave overnight. In the morning grease heel cream. Repeat as daily until the cracks will not last.
If cracked heels are not deep and without signs of inflammation, do it after a foot bath emollient poultice of melted butter, honey and egg yolk. Mix them in equal quantity, apply on the skin, cover it with oilcloth and secure with a bandage. Leave overnight and in the morning wash your feet with water and apply the cream. Repeat daily until complete skin repair.
With very rough skin do foot baths daily, and to prevent the formation of cracks once a week. For steaming, use five different tools. To relieve stress from feet suitable peppermint essential oil (1-2 drops). For skin rejuvenation, sea salt, oatmeal or a decoction of the fresh leaves of nettles. To treat cracked heels – starch and herbal baths.