Advice 1: Why is black the silver on the body

Silver, which is worn on the body, darkens from different factors. In the first place, it dims because the contact of the silver with the air a chemical reaction takes place. Then it changes color and acquires a brown or black plaque. To avoid this, silver should frequently clean and Polish.
Dark is a natural property of silver

Air and reaction with sulfur

The blackening of silver like the appearance of rust on iron. Corrosion occurs as the result of the oxidation, because oxygen in the air reacts with the top layer of iron. But silver doesn't rust. It dims due to formed it of plaque. This dull layer appears when the particles of sulphur in the atmosphere, come into contact with silver.
In the Earth's atmosphere is present in the sulphuric gas, which becomes sulfur dioxide pollution of the environment.

Other causes of darkening of silver

Some Soaps include sulfur components. If you do not remove the silver chain while washing dishes or hands, the silver has a chance to darken.

Magnesium sulfate is sometimes contained in groundwater.
In some areas of the earth Epsom salt chemically reacts and is converted to hydrogen sulfide. Then the gas can rise out of the ground.

In some cases, the silver reacts with the skin of the person who wears it. The chemical composition of the skin of individual people does not allow them to wear silver on your body, because the reaction is very fast. As a result, the skin is painted a dark color and silver dark.

Perfumes, lotions and hairsprays will also react with silver. Metal tarnish from contact with wool, gloves, latex, skin, fat, ammonia, chlorinated water. Some kinds of food also cause a chemical reaction. The metal will change color, if you often eat onions, mayonnaise, salad dressings, eggs and salty foods.

How to prevent the blackening of silver

Sooner or later silver will darken. It is his nature. To silver longer retain the white color, it should be protected from moisture, do not wear every day, don't brush too hard.

In modern production applied rhodium, whereby the silver longer retains gloss and color. While jewelry is coated with a protective layer of rhodium or a special type of silver. While this layer will not be erased, the product will look good and will not blacken.

Silver jewelry should be stored in bags made of polyester. After wearing the silver should be washed with warm water and wipe with a clean cloth. This will slow the process of darkening. You can store your silver with chalk, which absorbs toxins.

To clean blackened silver need a special solution or cloth to clean the silver. Hoping that silver can turn white, it is clean different materials at hand. Do not use silver Polish toothpaste. Its components are too harsh for silver, and this cleaning will do more harm than good.

Advice 2: Why blackens silver

Silver is a beautiful precious metal and the most mysterious, its called the moon metal the same way as gold is the sun. Silver is often made of not only jewelry, but also talismans, amulets, utensils for the performance of rituals. This metal has many properties, one of them is the blackening, which can occur suddenly and need for the assistance of man.
Why blackens silver
Often, the owners of silver this attack is referred to the negative influence of evil forces. It is believed that the unexpected blackening of jewelry associated with building damage or disorder in the body. Although this superstitious fear is not so unfounded, there is still more down to earth explanation of this fact, and from the point of view of the laws of chemistry.
The blackening of silver causes oxidation of the metal in the interaction with sulfur. This chemical reaction creates sulphides that are chemicals grey-black color, which covers jewellery and other silverware.
Sulfur can enter the product of human sweat, water, cosmetics, and even air. This explains the fact that dark can even items that are practically not exposed to touch, for example, decorative.
Silverware, as a rule, contain not only the metal but also copper. This is because silver is very soft and easy to deformation, and the addition of copper makes the items more durable. Copper also undergoes oxidation and causes the formation of sulphides even more, which in turn leads to a darkening and silver.
It is known that from jewelry, to a lesser extent prone to darkening earrings. This is due to the absence of sweat glands in the ear lobes. Often darken chains and pendants, at least – rings, however, they may not darken due to perspiration, and from contact with various chemicals, for example when cooking or washing the dishes, cleaning the house.
The oxidation state of silver is dependent on purities: less susceptible to darkening of the product 999 (high) samples, more - 875. Cutlery, as a rule, contain more copper, so oxidize is stronger and can almost completely black, so they require systematic care.
Human sweat can not only cause blackening of the silver, but on the contrary, be the cause of his highlights. Religious-minded people associate it with the bright aura of a person, but it also has a scientific explanation: in addition to sulfur sweat contains nitrogen, high content of which reacts with the silver and causes the lightening decorations.
Useful advice
Clean the jewelry from a black can the usual tooth powder or paste.

Advice 3: Why silver will darken

It is known that silver jewelry in the process of carrying on the human body often become dark, bringing some discomfort to their owners. And the statements of some "experts" that the blackened silver jewelry speak to their owners about the diseases of the internal organs or the imposition of damage, only add fuel to the fire.
Why silver will darken
Why is actually a dark silver? It's time to stop all the speculation and sort out this issue with the only true scientific point of view.Silver, being a noble metal, active and easily reacts with sulfur contained in the sweat of a person, resulting in formation of chemical compounds, some sulphides, which are tinged metal. The jewelry of silver, from which are made rings, earrings and chains is also a copper, which, in turn, easily interacts with sulfur. As a result of such contact it is oxidized and also cause darkening of silver jewelry.There is a certain correlation of the appearance of silver jewelry from their samples. The higher it is on the products, the less they contain copper, and thus they are less susceptible to oxidation. The highest purity of the precious metal sample 999. However you need to remember that sulfur can cause darkening even the most pure silver. Although the metal contained in the alloy sample is significantly less susceptible to change and oxidize last.In order for silver jewelry it was getting dark and looked cool, you should follow some simple rules. It is necessary to remove them during significant physical activity and sport, during showering and swimming in the sea. Various cosmetic products have a negative impact on silver jewellery. Don't worry if your silver ware was darkened – there are many ways to return it to its original luster, but that's a topic for another conversation. We must not forget that the decoration should give people positive emotions, not to cause concern and nervousness. Let them delight you and others for many years!
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