The most common causes of failure of the printer to work are mainly technical problems. However, it is not necessary to call the master if anything with the printer. For a start, should try to diagnose the cause of the fault.
One of the most frequently encountered problems is the lack of paper in the tray. This usually occurs in cases when the printer tray is gated and impossible to visually track the amount of paper. However, in this case the display shows the corresponding ad with a request to fill the tray. When the fault is corrected, the equipment will continue to benefit society in working order.
Another point could end the paint in the cartridge. If the inkjet printer, and in addition color, it is enough to result only one color, as the device automatically shuts down. But, of course, warns about using the same monitor and shows the level of ink remaining in all cartridges.
If the laser printer, in black and white, everything is much easier. When the paint POPs up a reminder that would be nice to put a new cartridge, and that this has nothing to take. The problem is easily solved – you need to either fill existing capacity to paint again (and do so in specialized centers), or just buy a new one (some manufacturers are set in their share removable receptacle for paint).
The next possible cause printer is not connected to the mains or not connected to the computer via a USB connection. This is also not difficult to learn. When I try something to print, you will see a tooltip with a request to check the network connection and a computer.
It can also be a problem because of unknown drivers. This usually happens when you just bought a printer, hooked it up, and to celebrate, they forgot about installing drivers. After you download it from the supplied disk the problem is resolved and again will have the opportunity to work.