Consider carefully whether you are ready to start Dating you are interested in a special after Express your feelings. Maybe she also feels for you a secret sympathy, then you will quickly achieve the desired you will be able to get close to her. Often young people lose interest in the girl, learning that also care about her. It may greatly offend and insult the feelings of the person you are interested in.
Treat this like the game. Do not let your sympathy (even a very strong and passionate) in Shakespeare's tragedy. If you decide to confess feelings, be confident and prepare for failure. You can't force someone to love, and, having failed, treat calmly, with humor. Just do not try to make fun of a cute girl, it's ugly.
Select the right moment. To Express sympathy easily in the noisy company of friends. But just in case, if you just want to show the girlthat you feel interest and want to bond. You can start with her easy conversation, invite her to slow dance, to present a bouquet of flowers and invite some cinema or a cafe.
Try to stay with the girl alone, if you want to Express more serious feelings. This should happen without the participation of strangers: your friends or her friends. So you will be sincere in their words and actions.
Surprise girl, if you want your recognition to produce it an unforgettable experience - give her a huge bouquet of flowers or a big Teddy bear. It is possible to agree with friends that at the time of your conversation near you they launched fireworks in honor of your darling. And even after that, the girl did not give a specific answer to your sympathy, you know, she will be deeply moved by this expression of feelings.
Don't push her, forcing her to answer you here and now. She's probably not ready for it. Even if you are interesting to her, give her time to think things through, to weigh and to digest your confession. The best option would be to offer her to meet in a few days, she probably will not refuse you.
Consider your actions in advance, so that at a certain important moment of the excitement not to forget what you wanted to do or say. But not to paint a clear plan-instruction communication and the expression of sympathy should take place naturally and easily.