The first option, traditional. Invite a girl to a restaurant. First tell her some romantic story like yours, of course with other heroes. Express your attitude to them and ask her how she assesses the situation in the story. Her reaction will depend a lot. Someone will criticize it, but someone on the contrary will praise, you will realize that you will find in the case of recognition. If the reaction you are completely satisfied, you can proceed.
You can talk about what she expects from a relationship with the person she loves, how she sees family life, how much she will go for love. This will help you to understand how you yourself are serious about a relationship with this girl, and how she's ready for him.
Now you can say that there is a girl that you love, but don't know how it applies to you. If she says that does not know or will take it calmly, postpone the conversation until a better time. If she is willing to take your testimony and then, tell this girl she. The reaction can be very different. She may be jumping in joy, hug you, or just stare at you. But in any case do not ask her instantaneous response. She needs to digest your words, to analyze the situation. After all not every day you get recognized in love.
The second variant, heroic. Women want to see in their companions of heroes that could overcome the routine and banality. This means that some incredibly romantic gesture can win the heart of any woman. Find out where the girl feels in the greatest comfort and safety. This place will be ideal for your recognition. Better if you're alone. If you are going to admit the feelings for other people (for example, to come to her to work on a real white horse), especially with her friends, you should be sure that your feelings are mutual, otherwise you risk to either hear "no" in front of witnesses, or put the girl in an awkward position.