You will need
  • Computer, paper, pen, postcard
Oddly enough, most men quite frankly can't understand why women write letters. They say that exercise is stupid and pointless. But actually this is not so. Many women find it easier and more comfortable to talk about their feelings in a letter and to receive a love message from the man – just the top dreams of any girl. So throw away all your doubts away and write. Of course, first you need to imagine what will be your letter. If you want to admit a girl in love is one thing, but if just going to tell you how beautiful she is and smart is quite another. It is important not to deviate from the topic and make it clear from the beginning that not just writing, but because this is very important.
Don't be afraid to seem silly or Intrusive. Women perceive love letters with great trepidation. And, most likely, every line of your message love will reread many times to make the most of all her most tender and intimate. Any nonsense written in this letter will seem cute and original, and those little things that you did not notice, will be the most important and easily tell that are not written directly. But this does not mean that you need to grind your letter, giving him the perfect shape and form. Write in simple language like you were talking to my beloved in private.
Try not to make mistakes. Programs to check spelling and punctuation now automatically check any text, but many words are written in different ways, and your computer mistake could easily miss. Not to fall in the eyes of his lover, check everything several times, avoiding too complicated turns and sentences. Remember that you do not need to write an essay or article in a scientific journal. Your goal is to reach the hearts of girls. And its intricate sentence without content are unlikely to be interested.