You will need
  • a syringe;
  • capsules;
  • - alcohol.
For intramuscular injectionand you will need a special syringe with a long needle. The injection needs to be done in the supine position. It is very important to choose the right place for a shotbut, otherwise, you may hurt the sciatic nerve. Imagine that you divide the buttock into 4 parts. You need stabbing in the extreme upper part.
Wash your hands. Take the vial and wipe the tip with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Special nail file which is attached to the ampoule, spend several times at the base of the tip and break off it.
Open the package of the syringe. Do not remove the needle cap and slide it onto the syringe. Now remove the cap and gently draw up the medicine.
Then take the syringe in your left hand (hold it vertically), and right thumb tap on it, air bubbles rose up. Start releasing the air out until the medication on the tip of the needle.
Wipe the place of injectiona cotton wool moistened with alcohol. The skin in this area stretch or pinch fingers. This will reduce the pain.
Sharp movement insert the needle to the ground. Slowly inject the medication. Then remove the needle and attach to this place cotton soaked in alcohol. After a few seconds start to massage the area of injection.
If a drug is manufactured in powder form, you will need to dilute it novocaine or distilled water. For this you will need two needles and one syringe.
Fill the syringe liquid from the ampoule. Wipe the lid of the vial of powder with alcohol and enter into a vial of liquid. Remove the needle and shake the vial to until the powder is dissolved.
Then enter the resulting solution and a syringe. Remove the used needle and put on new. You can now do a shot.
If the drug is a oil solution, it has its own nuances. Before you make an injection, the vial should be heated in warm water. Remember that the oil solution should not get into the blood. So as soon as you insert the needle, pull the plunger. If you see that the syringe enters the blood, it would mean that you hit a blood vessel. Remove the syringe, put on a new needle and make the injection again. If the blood no longer enters the syringe, then you've come to the right place. In this case you can enter the solution.