Purchase all necessary medicines and related products: solution for injection (prescribed by a doctor), syringes for subcutaneous injection, a sterile cotton wool and alcohol tincture (medical alcohol tincture of hawthorn, calendula, etc.). It is recommended to take the drug specified in the prescription. Do not purchase analogues and derivatives, often their efficiency is different from the original.
Prepare the injection in the stomach. Thoroughly rinse hands under running water using any soap. Open the syringe but the tip is don't remove. Open the drug vial and hold it in your left hand so the right hand take the syringe and carefully remove the ferrule from the needle. Type the solution and re-cover the syringe tip. Now treat stomach alcohol tincture in place for the shot. If you are going to put an injection in stomach not afford, wear just in case sterile gloves.
Collect the skin of the left hand in the crease, better capture between the fingers a little more skin, so it will be easier to insert the needle. Now, under an angle of approximately forty-five degrees slowly inject the needle and slowly depress the plunger on the syringe. See that the medicine does not leak out. The depth of insertion of the needle should be about 5 mm, more or less.
Remove the needle and clean the skin with alcohol. If you were injecting insulin, you should not do that, because when pressed on the skin of the drug may leak out through the puncture, and the necessary effect of the injection is not followed.