Find a seamstress that is not familiar with the technique of crochet, it is simply impossible. Use the hook and weave yarn you can knit everything from beautiful lace to large goods. For knitting sweaters, you need to know the most basic elements of the art of crochet is an air loop, chain, loop turn, tight loop, Poustovit without nakida, column with nakida, columns two and three yo, two or three columns together, Pico or another name tubercle.
To crochet the sweater in the first place, build the pattern of the product of the required size, or use ready patterns. Then calculate the amount of yarn in accordance with the size of the finished product and the number of the hook. Begin knitting a sweater with parts of the back. For vyvazhivanija details of the back of the loops enter the desired width, according to the pattern, and knit the basic pattern.
Before sweatshirts consists of two shelves, so tie them symmetrically relative to each other the basic pattern according to the pattern of the product.
The finished workpiece front and back sewn together at the shoulder seams and the armhole edges of the tie bars without nakida and from the second row continue knitting basic pattern to desired length of sleeve. To seal the edges of the sleeves for the last two promazyvaya number of columns without nakida.
When all the main parts ready to start Assembly. To start, the seams of sleeves and side seams back and front. Tie typed edges front and back two rows of columns without nakida. On the edge of the right and left shelves of the front tie planetski thread in two additions, while the right bar knit tailored buttonholes. Then tie neck openwork pattern at your discretion. Sew buttons and jacket made with their hands ready.