Advice 1: How to knit a cardigan

Cardigan - a knitted wool jacket fit, collarless, button-down, with a plunging neckline. Cardigans are very comfortable to wear. You can make a warm cardigan, length below knees with long sleeves and worn as a coat. Can be linked openwork summer cardigan with short sleeves. A lot of options.
How to knit a cardigan
You will need
  • Suitable yarn
The basis of crochet cardigans are the same. The choice of yarn depends on the season. A warm cardigan is knitted from thick wool yarn, looks very good product from boucle yarn. For year model is better to take cotton yarn.

For the pattern to fit a cloak or coat of a suitable size. It is necessary to measure the length, width of back, width of shelves, the length and width of sleeves. You also need to determine and outline the depth and width of the cut.

To determine the number of loops you need to dial on the spokes, you need to calculate the number of loops in one centimeter, linking of the selected yarn small sample.
Back fit direct painting without obavlenia from top to bottom. All loops close in a row. Shelves tally the same, but the subtraction of loops occur on the neckline.

To simplify the work of knit fabric to attach to the pattern and follow the lines of the cut. The sleeves are knit from the bottom up, starting with the gum. The gum to knit, alternating front and back loops. On the sides to add one loop in every fourth row on both sides. Povezav the desired length of the sleeve, the loops close in a row.
Sew the parts of the product need wool thread on hand. Then the edges of shelves and neckline to dial the loop. It is better to use long circular needles (knitting needles connected by a line) to 1 size smaller than main needles. Provatas 3-4 cm loop close freely.

On the knitting machine cardigan fit much faster. The principle of operation is the same. When the items are connected, sew them on the sewing machine. On the edges of shelves and neck to gain hinges on the spokes. Provatas 3-4 cm, close in a row free - this will form a neat neckline and the edge of the item.

Cardigans can not be afraid to knit, even for novice knitters.

Advice 2 : How to sew a cardigan

Sew fashionable, comfortable and warm sleeveless cardigan will even those who do not know how to deal with a sewing machine. If you choose a thick cloth, which slices do not crumble, it is possible to do only with scissors.
How to sew a cardigan
For the manufacture of cardigan will need a tight knit, Jersey, rayon, faux suede or thin leather, that is, materials that do not fall in sections, with a length of 1.4 m. in addition, you will need:
- the tape;
- tailor's chalk;
- bias binding;
- sewing machine;
- thread to match the fabric.

How to cut cardigan

To build a paper pattern is not necessary, it can be done directly on the fabric. Pre-cut all the edges, do it very carefully so the slices were as evenly as possible. Measure will need only one measurement - the width of the back, attaching the measuring tape to the back on the protruding points of the blades and from one armpit to the other. Usually this value is 35-40 see

Fold the material inside out common thread. From the top edge from the fold set aside 25-26 cm for collar. Make this place mark.

From this point set aside the right half of the measurements back and check. She put off down the depth of the armhole, cardigan it can be deeper so that it can be freely to wear a turtleneck or a sweater. This measure is approximately 25 cm Divide this segment in half and place to the side of the point at 6 cm. Connect these marks with a smooth line to make the oval.

Cut to the prom exactly on this line. The collar and hem of the cardigan can be left rectangular, or perhaps make your cuts a smooth line and cut along the contour.

How to sew a cardigan

In principle, you can leave the product in this form and not to process the slices. This will give the image special negligence. However, the thing will look more carefully if to cover all sections of piping.
The color of the borders can be matching fabric or contrasting color.

First handle openings. Bake fold in half, and paste the cut, so that the junction had on the lower part of the armhole. Kill the tailor's pins and prostrochite along the edge on the sewing machine. Similarly treat the remaining edges of the cardigan.
Also, all the slices can be processed on a serger.

How to wear a cardigan

This thing can be worn over blouses, turtlenecks, sweaters or casual dresses. Also very beautiful when the cardigan complement with jeans, narrow pants or leggings.

Wear a cardigan. Lay the folds of the collar and tie belt. You can use a wide leather belt or multiple narrow straps and stitch soft belt of the same fabric, used to make the cardigan.
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