Advice 1: How to knit beautiful sweaters

Summer fishnet coats will always draw attention. Summer sweaters will be relevant, as they are made of natural materials and represent a very elegant work of art, and on the other - comfortable practical clothes.
elegant openwork blouse with his own hands
You will need
  • Cotton thread knitting (at least 5 different colors, 25 g), white crochet thread (should be thinner than the colored thread), hook size "1", scissors, patterns in your size: "front", "back", "sleeve" (can be done on fabric, you can use Wallpaper paste paper), thick needle, sewing pins to fix clothing items.
Openwork sweater can be linked by connecting the associated hook elements (flowers, leaves, stems, and other shapes). Due to this loose connection between the elements remain gaps, which create the effect of delicate clothes. This type of knitting is called Irish viscous. For this, colored thread crochet contact elements. Options figures can be a lot and depends on your imagination. The simplest of shapes - the circles and flowers. They are not required to change the direction of stroke of the knitting - just knit loops in a circle to the desired diameter size of the item.
vyvazhivanie elements
Linking of colored threads, several of these equal-sized elements, you can connect them. For a neat and smooth joints, the elements are laid out on prepared pattern on a wrong side row. Formed from elements of a certain motive, they are attached in this form the pins on the pattern. They are connected to each other with the simple colored threads, by sewing them to each other with a needle.
connection elements in the pattern
The gaps between the elements can be filled irregular mesh, bound with white thread thinner size than color. For this you need to impose an air loop in a chaotic manner between the hook elements by grabbing the edge of the element. Thus it is possible to fill large voids and to create the effect of openwork.
After connection of all elements of the thread and mesh, all parts of a pattern are connected. You can connect them either with needle and thread, or tie the edges of the two parts (e.g., sleeves and back hook.
Instead of buttons whether to use rope from two sides of front.
crochet irregular grid
To wash this jacket have hand and in warm water.
Useful advice
1. Before you lay out the elements of the pattern for connection, they should be ironed with a steam iron. Thus, the items will be direct and convenient to connect.
2. Because this jacket is made of parts like a mosaic, it is easy to change the size - you can remove some items, making it more fitted, but you can dawasa elements to expand and increase in size of the jacket.

Advice 2 : Trendy tops and jackets of the summer season

Of course, as among all other new products of clothing, there are fashion trends summer tops and jackets, to be used by fashionistas throughout the season.
Trendy tops and jackets of the summer season

Set shape "die Fledermaus"

Is very popular among all ages due to its practicality and comfort. As a rule, summer often gives people with his merciless bright rays of the sun that causes excessive sweating. Form "bat", which implies a loose fit in the arms, can be very effectively mask the sweating, and no one standing beside people just do not see this nuance. Besides, to create such models are used mainly as light as possible tissue.

Top with open back

This model has regained the dominant position against the future of the summer season. For the first time this model was on the podium of popularity among young people in the early 2000-ies, but the replacement came a new form that is relevant for that time. Today's model is more advanced and, as a rule, the exposed back is adorned with additional decorations. The most popular decoration is a large bow or sewn a chain with a pendant, which is attached to the shoulders and gently lowered to the area of the back. In front of such top, not highlighted in a bold print or other decorations to avoid alapitasi and handling of the product.

Silk tops

The key point of these products is the fabric. It perfectly cools the skin and prevents overheating the body in the scorching hot summer days. Therefore deserves the attention of office workers who spend a lot of time in the workplace. The biggest advantage of such models is the versatility of combinations. They can be combined with both skirts and classic trousers or even leggings, depending on the length of the product. Due to such trends, we can create any style and party wear for Hiking.

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