You will need
  • hook;
  • - cotton thread;
  • centimeter;
  • the pattern of the desired size.
Try pairing a crochet neckline"area", in the form of a triangle. You get the classic neck – it is perfect for women, men and children's pullovers and vests. Calculate the beginning of the cut (depth) individually and doverite to this point the cloth of the front. The Central pair of columns is not promazyvaya (this is the "toe" of the neck).
Start slowly to lower the bars on the left and right edges of knitted fabric. For this every second row is not promazyvaya one or two columns, which are located at the toe. If reductions occurred at the beginning of the row, miss one or two columns of the lower row and knit from the subsequent loop. At the end of a number are just not promazyvaya the desired number of columns.
The rhythm of bauleni should always be the same, so calculate it in advance. For example, if you subtract the columns in every fourth row, cut the"corner" get a deep and sharp. For your mouth to cut the cloth should go through the line once for a couple of columns on each side.
To commence a semicircular cutout crochet. Shallow neck of medium width will fit most models. Deeper and wider line neckline adds femininity. Davaite the front of things before the start of the cut and specify its width.
Depending on the width of the neck count a certain number of Central columns and not promazyvaya them. Now the angles of the cuts need to round. To do this evenly (symmetrically) cut the canvas on both sides, making it through the series. First, the left and right output from the work immediately on the four edge column; then six times cut down on the canvas for a couple of columns on each side; and seven times with only one column.
During the curvature of the neck to check each row with the pattern of the product of the required size. Perhaps because of the peculiarities of the density of your knitting you will have to withdraw from work a different number of columns.
When knitting crochet cutout on the back of the model need to take a sample of the finished front part. Mouth width of the front and rear of the part cut should be the same. The depths vary at their discretion. The classic "corner" and U-neck are usually performed from the back a couple of inches deep.