Advice 1: How to join motifs, crochet

The knitting of individual motifs and their subsequent connection is used in many techniques of knitting crochet lace fabrics. It could be technique friform, and Irish lace. The connection of the individual items using the grid is the last step in creating clothes and interior items, and can be performed in several ways.
How to join motifs, crochet
You will need
  • Thread, hook, needle, pins, pattern.
Take related you the motives and pattern of the finished product. Place motifs in such a way as would like to see them on your shawl or jacket. For convenience, pin their pins. You can create your unique composition, and can watch on the Internet the works of recognized masters and try to repeat their pattern.
Firstly, it is possible to associate a fillet mesh, decorating it and then the individual motifs. This mesh tally cells. To start, tie one or two air loops and one column. This is the basis of your openwork mesh. Bind the column and air-loop until, until the grid reaches your desired size. The size of the cells on your fabric is determined by the number of the stitches.
Then, the finished mesh sew separate motifs, adding to the perfect picture. If desired, the edges of the mesh, you can tie the fringe.
The lace motifs can be joined with brides and chain loops. Bride – thick cords that can be linked, just povezav a chain of air loops in the opposite direction. Also can be folded several times long thread and obratiti her other thread – get a strong cord. Bride fill the background and give the product a special elegance. In the same way as motifs, with a chain of air loops they are involved in the painting of the finished product.
If you want your finished product was dense and warm, the motifs can be made between a needle. Lay out the pattern the pattern, only in this case motives should closely adhere to each other. Pin the motives of the pins to the pattern – so it will be easier to work with. Then take your needle with matching colour thread and sew the motifs together.
Useful advice
If creating a pattern for the subsequent connection of the lace motifs you are not given, it is better to order it from the seamstress. Indeed, in the case of the wrong construction of the pattern and joining motifs on it, you will ruin your product.

Advice 2: How to crochet mesh

In knitting and crochet there are many patterns. The light - patterns in a grid. There are several species, but they are simple in design. So if you are just learning to knit, mastering this technique will be the best beginning.
Grid for beauty.
You will need
  • Hook
  • Thread
The easiest technique of mesh patterns is called "French grid. This painting, which fit a chain of aerial loops and bars. Most often, this mesh light knitted hats, shawls, vests and capes. The figure represents a short chain of air loops, often odd numbers - 3, 5, 7. The arc of the loops are normally attached to the previous row to the column without nakida, but if you want you can restrict and polostevichi without nakida or columns with one or two yo. Further, the rows tally as only the "- fastening" is shifted to one or two elements of rapport. Figure of the French grid is very similar to the transparent fish scales.
The following "grid" technique is called the loin knitting. Such patterns formed with columns 1, 2 and 3 yo and air loops between them. The number of loops should be equal increments of the column below the cell was a square. This principle sirloin knitting is used to produce the squares.
Thus in filet crochet you can knit not only by patterns. For example, you can take any pattern for embroidery or knitting patterns spokes. For this you need to choose the scale of cells and knitting, for example, thus: empty cell, 1 column with one nakida, 2 air loop, 1 column with one nakida; and filled cells of the knit column 4 with one nakida.
The loin knit mesh is better, of cotton thread, as the yarn is very poorly dissolved in the event of an error.
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