You will need
  • - expander
  • - a couple of towels
Purchase high-quality expander (expander compression or carpal – shell for the development of forces of separate muscle groups). When selecting expander try to compress it several times in a row. If you can compress the shell is more than 25 times without resting – then you need more hard expander. You will approach the shell, which you can compress only 6-8 times.
Exercise from the floor to the focus not on the palm, and the fingers. To strengthen hands try doing push UPS focus on the back side of the palms of the hands. To do push-UPS in this way is not easy – first, start to do push-UPS with one hand in the palm on the palm, and on the other focusing on the back of your hand.
Pull up on the towels. To do this, take two towels, twist them and loop through the horizontal bar. During such pull-UPS, you will feel how tense the wrist.
Swap hands with the help of the cargo and the surface of the table. Place the hand on the table surface so that the palm rested on the table, and the fingers hang off the edge of the surface. Then, taking a load, suck muscles of the forearm, raising and lowering it.