Sleight of hand depends on many parameters – you need to train and strengthen not only the fingers but also the wrist. Do exercises with a slight muscle strain to feel the effect of the actions.
Developing your wrist, you reduce the risk of arthritis and fractures. Stand in a comfortable position and close your palms in front of chest, not pressing the edges of the palms to the chest. Learn to work the wrist separately from the rest of the muscles of the handsand is sitting at the table, put it on the edge of the table ownerhave to brush handsand was hanging from its edge. Move the brush of handsand so handsand remained motionless.
Regularly clench and open your fists to develop and strengthen the fingers. Bend the fingers in turn, controlling the impulses and movements of the muscles of the fingers. Try alternately touch the tip of each finger tip of the thumb while preserving mobility of the thumb. It is useful to put between his fingers a pencil and rolled it a few times in each hand, e in turn.
Squeeze the fists in balls for tennis or ping-pong table, roll in handsOh the rosary, glass or metal balls. They are well-trained dexterity of hands and fingers develop.
To strengthen not only the fingers, but nails, press on three minutes the tip of the thumb on the right hande to the tip of the nail of the ring finger. On the nail bed of the thumb put the index finger. Squeeze the tips of the ring and the thumb on the left handE. This exercise, originating in the teachings of yoga, will allow you to strengthen nails and enhance their growth and increase vitality.