Advice 1: How to make contact lens solution myself

Forgetfulness is a common problem. For example, in a hurry going anywhere overnight, you can forget to bring a solution for lenses. Sooner or later they will have to be removed and without a solution they just get dry. You can prepare this solution yourself.
How to make contact lens solution myself
You will need
  • containers lenses, water, salt
Prepare sterile containers for lenses, a tight-fitting lid. If you forgot your solution together with containers, be sure to find a replacement and prodezinfitsirovat capacity found. To do this, carefully wash it and boil for about ten minutes. Preferably boil filtered water and let it cool. In hot water put lenses impossible.
After that, prepare a saline solution. To do this, add in water, salt portions. Each add the next batch only after the previous one dissolved.
Remember that all objects in contact with the solution should be, if possible, prodezinfitsirovat. For this spoon, which you add salt into the solution, boil well to eliminate most of the germs.
When the solution will resemble an ordinary means for storing lenses, can put in his contacts and close the container or containers.
If you have hard lenses, replace the solution of ordinary cold water from the tap. But tap water as a solution in any case can not be used if the lens is soft. This can not only lead to damage lenses, but also to various infectious diseases of the eye.
Once the lenses were in solution, which was made by yourself, if possible, place them in the purchase solution and wait a few hours before you wear them again. If this is not possible, wearing lenses, carefully follow the eyes: at the first signs of dryness or discomfort remove lenses.
Use the solution prepared independently, only in exceptional cases. If it is possible to use a purchased solution, then go for it. In some cases, for example, in case of hypersensitivity of the eye and the dramatic response to components of solutions, if you have allergies, suppuration, etc., a homemade solution can be used.

Advice 2: Is there any harm from contact lenses

Contact lenses are a modern development, capable of replacing glasses for people who experience any discomfort while wearing them. Contact lenses have great popularity, so the person using them, make sure you know all their positive and negative qualities.
Is there any harm from contact lenses

Dangerous contact lenses for eyes

Lenses are not able to completely replace the glasses. Experts recommend to wear contact lenses and glasses alternately. At home you can wear glasses and a gym for sports activities wear lenses.

The most important point to wear and glasses or contact lens is the correct selection. So prior to purchasing must go through the procedure of an eye examination for better selection of the most suitable contact lenses. As unsuitable lenses, like glasses can greatly harm the health of the organs of vision.

While sleep experts recommend to remove the lens to avoid the development of eye diseases. In the case of contact lenses intended for extended wear and day and night, ophthalmologists recommend to rest my eyes and removed at night lenses once a week.

Experts strongly recommend not to wear contact lenses for drivers, because they impair peripheral vision. In addition, it is possible during blinking, intermittent fogging of the visible image that can negatively affect reactions in the occurrence of extreme driving situations.

From the above we can conclude that with proper care and systematic replacement of contact lenses is not harmful. But you should periodically visit an ophthalmologist to have it examined and if necessary corrected prescription.

Consequences failure to follow the correct lens care

When buying lenses specialist must instruct the buyer on proper care and the possible negative consequences for non-compliance.

It is imperative to use only the recommended for this type of lens solution for rinsing and storage. Also when initially worn needs to be sensitive to every manifestation of any discomfort and inform the doctor. It is possible that people do not tolerate any type of lenses or solution for them.

Contact lenses extended wear is recommended to periodically replace the usual. This should be done to prevent infectious diseases that can arise as a result of continued reduction of access of oxygen to the eye.

Contact lenses need to be replaced strictly within the specified period, you should not skimp on your health, as the consequences can be very sad.

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