You will need
  • containers lenses, water, salt
Prepare sterile containers for lenses, a tight-fitting lid. If you forgot your solution together with containers, be sure to find a replacement and prodezinfitsirovat capacity found. To do this, carefully wash it and boil for about ten minutes. Preferably boil filtered water and let it cool. In hot water put lenses impossible.
After that, prepare a saline solution. To do this, add in water, salt portions. Each add the next batch only after the previous one dissolved.
Remember that all objects in contact with the solution should be, if possible, prodezinfitsirovat. For this spoon, which you add salt into the solution, boil well to eliminate most of the germs.
When the solution will resemble an ordinary means for storing lenses, can put in his contacts and close the container or containers.
If you have hard lenses, replace the solution of ordinary cold water from the tap. But tap water as a solution in any case can not be used if the lens is soft. This can not only lead to damage lenses, but also to various infectious diseases of the eye.
Once the lenses were in solution, which was made by yourself, if possible, place them in the purchase solution and wait a few hours before you wear them again. If this is not possible, wearing lenses, carefully follow the eyes: at the first signs of dryness or discomfort remove lenses.
Use the solution prepared independently, only in exceptional cases. If it is possible to use a purchased solution, then go for it. In some cases, for example, in case of hypersensitivity of the eye and the dramatic response to components of solutions, if you have allergies, suppuration, etc., a homemade solution can be used.