Advice 1: How to connect to a network printer

When there are several computers, it makes sense to save on the purchase of printers. In fact, there is no need for each machine to buy for the printer, if it is possible to use a single printer together for two, three, five. Many computers connected in a home network to share Internet access. Similarly with a printer and the Internet, it will be one at all. To do this is not difficult.
How to connect to a network printer
You will need
  • The computers United in a network; printer
First computer.
On the computer to which the printer is connected, click "start" in the lower left part of the screen, then locate one of the inscriptions:
- "Printers and faxes";
"Configuration" and then "Printers and faxes";
a "control Panel" and then "Printers and faxes",
and click the left mouse button twice to open this menu.
In the window that opens, find the name of your printer (Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung). Just right click on the printer icon and select the "sharing...".
A new window will appear, where you can find the inscription "share this printer" and press the round button to the left of the label. Below is the name of the printer on the network, remember it. Then click "OK" at the bottom, ready, the printer can operate in the network.
A second computer.
On the computer you want to connect to a network printer, select "Printers and faxes" as well as on the first computer.
Right-click your mouse on the empty space of the folder "Printers and faxes". A menu appears in which the left mouse button click "add printer". This opens the add printer Wizard.
Click "Next", select "Network printer" and click "Next".
Select "browse for a printer", click "Next".
At the bottom of the window, click on the row with the name of the printer (which remember on the first computer), then click Next.
A window will appear with the question "Use default printer" — click "Yes" and "Next" at the bottom of the screen.
The following window will display "completing the setup wizard printers", and the "finish" button at the bottom of the window. Click "Finish" and wait a while, the operating system will install the necessary drivers and programs. Click "Yes" or "Install" if the following message appears. Again, click the "finish" button. After that, your network printer really is ready to print.
Useful advice
Manual for the Windows XP operating system in its Russian version. But if you've got the principle of action, and in newer Windows Vista and Windows 7 configuring your network printer will not be a problem, different are only the names of some teams.

Advice 2 : How to connect two computers to the printer

General network (remote) printer allows you to accelerate the work. If you need to connect multiple computers to one printer, you must create a network of these computers. Creating a network takes time and requires minimum actions from the user personal computer.
How to connect two computers to the printer
You will need
  • 2 computers with installed network card, patch cord.
In order to connect two computers to the same printer (network printer), you must create a network of these computers.
If up to this point the network card is not installed in computers, then do it. Insert the network card into the free PCI slots of the computers. Install the driver on network cards. If the network card is already built into the motherboard, then do nothing.
Connect your computers patch cords. Patch cord is an analogue of the Ethernet cable, i.e. a standard network cable.
Configure the network card:

- click "start menu" - "Connections" - "Show all connections" - select the default connection is "local area Connection";

- press the right mouse button on this element – Properties - Internet Protocol TCP/IP" - click "Properties";

- on the first computer, specify the following parameters: IP address, subnet mask;

- on the second computer set the following settings: IP address, subnet mask;

- Save the changes.
After these steps you must specify the name of the working group. Click the right mouse button on the icon "My computer" - select "Properties" - tab "computer Name" click "Change". Enter in the blank field for "workgroup" Network (you can enter any other name; be sure that the computer names must be different) - click OK. After restarting the computers, they are added to a network.
To share the printer for these computers you must do the following: on the host computer, click "start" - "control Panel" - "Printers and faxes". Select the printer and click the right mouse button on the shortcut menu select "Properties" - "Access." Check the box next to "share this printer" (type the name of the shared printer).
On the secondary computer, do the following: click menu "start" - "control Panel" - "Printers and faxes" - right click context menu. Select "add printer" - click Next - select "Network printer" "Browse for a printer" - select the desired printer and the path to the installation with drivers.
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