You will need
  • - network cable.
If you use to create a home or office network router, it is reasonable to connect the printer to this network device. Such a method has several advantages. Connect the network port of the printer with the LAN connector of the router. Use the previously prepared network cable.
Now select the computer from which you configure the router. Remember that the printer must be the only device connected to the selected LAN port. E. the printer connection via a network hub not very desirable. Launch your Internet browser and enter the IP address of the router. Specify the user name and password. Go to menu settings network equipment.
If you have already configured an Internet connection, make sure that the LAN settings is enabled NAT. If you are not using the DHCP function, then no additional configuration is required at all. Otherwise, open the route table (Route Table) of your network equipment.
Now, select the LAN port that is connected to the printer, and set it to static IP addresses. If this cannot be done in the settings of the router, then connect the printer to the computer or laptop.
Install software that allows you to fine-tune the operating mode of the printer. Run it and specify the equipment to do a static IP address. It is advisable to use the IP, which will differ from the last segment of addresses of other network devices.
Now physically disconnect the printer from the computer. Open the start menu and navigate to "Devices and printers". Click "add printer" and select "Add a local printer". Select port type and click "Next". Install the driver and connect the printer to the computer.