Divide by a thousand known value of the amount of the substance in MilliliterAh to convert it into liters.
Take, for example, the calculator from Windows, if you calculate the value in the mind difficult. To run it can be opened by pressing WIN or click on the "start" button the main menu and selecting the subsection "Standard" under "All programs", point to "Calculator". Because it is a system component, then typing a short command calc and press Enter to open the calculator and through dialogue run programs. This dialog can be accessed by pressing the key combination WIN + R or by selecting the string "Run" menu on the "start"button.
Switch the calculator interface mode conversion of measurement units. To do this, expand the "View" menu and click "Transfer of values". This version of the design of the calculator is to the left of the three fields to select units of measurement and the "Translate" button under them.
Click the top of the list ("Category") and select the line "Volume". When setting the value in this field, the calculator changes the composition of units in the other two lists. The average of these ("Initial value") select "Milli- litre". At the bottom ("Final value") click the line "liter".
Click the input field of the calculator and enter the known amount in Milliliter ofOh. Then click the button labeled "Translate". The procedure is finished, the calculator will calculate the entered value in a liter ofOh.
Another method of conversion is to use Google search engine. C of recent time there is a calculator that is also able to translate values from one unit to another. This Converter does not have a separate interface to enter a value directly in the field must enter a search query. You just need to articulate the query. For example, to find the value corresponding to the fifteen hundred Milliliters, type in "1500 ml per liter ofOh".