Divide the known volume of a material measured in cubic centimeters, exactly one thousand to determine its volume in liters. Since 1964, the SI is equal to one liter volume of one cubic decimeter, and it is one thousand cubic centimeters. It must be borne in mind that from 1901 to 1964 the litre was considered not exactly 1000 cubic centimeters, and 1000,028. And before making 1 Aug 1793 in France, the metric system of weights and measures liter and is approximately 83% of its current value.
Use to quickly convert from cubic centimeters to liters Converter units, available on the Internet. For example, go to the page the section "Metric", locate the "Cubic centimeter" and enter the known value of the volume. Then click "Calculate" and the script will put the equivalent of the value entered in the field "Liter". At the same time filled and the other fields in this section, you will be able to see the same volume, expressed in ten different derived units from liters and cubic meters.
Use a calculator if it is impossible to perform calculations "in the mind" and the lack of Internet access. For example, the staffing calculator Windows has a built-in unit Converter, which provides the conversion from cubic centimeters to liters. To access this calculator you can, for example, by pressing the key combination WIN + R, typing in the input field command calc and press Enter key.
Expand the "View" menu of the calculator and select "conversion". In the drop-down list, located under "Category", select "Volume". In the list of "Initial value" select "Cubic centimeter". In the list of "Final value" select "Liter".
Click the input field of the calculator and print volume, measured in cubic centimeters. Then click "Transfer" and in the input field, the calculator will display the equivalent of the listed capacity in litres.