The first thing to do is to determine what you want to change in your daily life. You may need to slightly adjust the image, which has already been formed. Or, on the contrary, you lot need to change and have to work hard. The way of life is what we do every day. This concept includes many aspects: the conditions of life and labor, level of material wealth, ideology, health care, values, forms of recreation, nutrition, personal development and much more. Way of life also depends on the socio-professional origin, religion, origin, morality and ethics.
So, you have decided that you want to change. Look at the others. Find friends among those people who you like and who would like to emulate. Watch how they live and what it is doing. Try, experiment, copy, implement in your life any action. For example, your friend's opinion of your mutual friends, lead a healthy way of life. Ask what she is doing and what is her typical day? You may also want to practice yoga or go swimming as she is. If among your friends are not lucky enough to find those who want to be, pay attention to the heroes of films and TV shows. Try to look completely different picture of the genre. If you have always loved fighters and avoided psychodrama, perhaps now is the time when you want to watch the drama of someone from famous Directors. Changing at least something familiar and constantly recurring, you will certainly see something new for themselves. Watch the film heroes and how they live and what they do. Copy any behavior, include in your life.
Incorporate specific actions into your life gradually, step by step. Who rarely turns dramatically Monday to change everything. Remember, in order for something new "caught on" and became natural to you, you must do this action for twenty-one days. This is the time period needed by the organism for adaptation and habituation.
Attract into your life people with the imageω of lifethat you like. It will be easier to introduce a novelty in everyday life. Search for these people where they are most often based on their imageand life. Let's say you want to learn how to sail and to spend vacation sailing in the sea. Then find like-minded people for joint activities, either in the yacht club or on courses for the training of captains. If you are lucky and your life is familiar, the style of life which want to adopt, talk to him about it. Ask him to take you with me next time he, for example, in the morning, go Jogging or go the gym.
Sometimes a good reason to change a lot – is moving, changing jobs, finding new Hobbies, meeting interesting people. Love also changes a person, and sometimes his life. By all means, use any chance.
If you want to change everything, there are radical methods. You can go to live and work in another country where things will be different – the language, people and customs. Even you friends will have to change. It's not easy, especially when you are owned by fear and there is a limit in the budget. But it is possible that hundreds of people go to other countries to change their lives. Some come back, others find their happiness.