It is necessary to analyze the quality of character of the teenager and identify his predisposition to any occupation. Adequate time will help to reveal the talents of a teenager and probably adjust the plan of action for the near future.
If the teenager is in excellent physical shape, then it should be transmitted to youth sports club. There he will choose the sport, and his energy will result in deservedly winning medals.
The drama club will help to loosen up conservative teenagers and feel like masters of their lives.
A teenager can attend a course of the young fighter, where it will check for strength of will, endurance and physical training. After this course, young people acquire the qualities such as courage, courage, he will learn to overcome obstacles in life.
The possibility of earning also like a teenager. At this age, the need for financial independence and it is quite possible to implement. The teen should contact an advertising Agency, where he will be offered a part-time courier, advertising campaigns, distribution of leaflets. For this job you can get at the age of 14 years. Payment for such work hourly, and a flexible schedule will not turn the workplace into a routine.
Free time with benefit you to spend in dance clubs. If girls can choose ballet or incendiary Latino, young people will be excited about hip-hop or fashion break.