But often this path is dangerous and, when faced with the first problems and misunderstanding, the teenager begins to fill their first cones. And then there is a new burning desire to change something in life. But before we do, it is important to analyze and understand what would you like to leave from the past. This list should include people with whom you would like to continue your way, your moral values, which at present time are unchanged, etc.
After this analysis, think about what you actually want from a "new" life. Than you fill the opened in front of you a blank sheet? It is important to hear only their heart and mind, not to succumb to peer pressure, preferences which, like yours, at this stage change like the passing wind. This is especially true of the desire to have sex. First and foremost, you should be ready to take this step and not look for the "right occasion" to prove to classmates or the boys from the yard that you are "long overdue".
Any radical changes in the usual way you would like in your life must necessarily be a place for parents and relatives. These people cared about you to a certain point, while you could not even wash themselves. Whatever new life you've started, respect parents and relatives, because most likely, they will be beside you.
So a new life begins with a change on the outside, as it seems teenagers and even most adults. Moving to another city or new shoes, or extreme hair are unlikely to change your daily habits and behavior. But as you begin to work on yourself, try to improve your traits and develop new positive qualities, then your life will change for the better.