Advice 1: How to start a new life teenager

In adolescence maximalism inherent in the Teens, reaches its peak. That is why they are trying to get rid of the "oppression" of parental morals, to go to conquer the greatest peaks.
How to start a new life teenager
But often this path is dangerous and, when faced with the first problems and misunderstanding, the teenager begins to fill their first cones. And then there is a new burning desire to change something in life. But before we do, it is important to analyze and understand what would you like to leave from the past. This list should include people with whom you would like to continue your way, your moral values, which at present time are unchanged, etc.
After this analysis, think about what you actually want from a "new" life. Than you fill the opened in front of you a blank sheet? It is important to hear only their heart and mind, not to succumb to peer pressure, preferences which, like yours, at this stage change like the passing wind. This is especially true of the desire to have sex. First and foremost, you should be ready to take this step and not look for the "right occasion" to prove to classmates or the boys from the yard that you are "long overdue".
Any radical changes in the usual way you would like in your life must necessarily be a place for parents and relatives. These people cared about you to a certain point, while you could not even wash themselves. Whatever new life you've started, respect parents and relatives, because most likely, they will be beside you.
So a new life begins with a change on the outside, as it seems teenagers and even most adults. Moving to another city or new shoes, or extreme hair are unlikely to change your daily habits and behavior. But as you begin to work on yourself, try to improve your traits and develop new positive qualities, then your life will change for the better.

Advice 2: How to start adult life

Life when you solve any problem, easy and carefree. But sooner or later most young people understood that they had to begin adult life. The decision to become an independent person is only the first step, after which you have yet a lot to do.
How to start adult life
Start to teach the native to believe that you are quite independent and able to live separately. Start small: take part in household responsibilities. Most parents are willing to release the child in independent swimming only after ascertained that it will not die of starvation, living in loneliness. Listen to the advice of family and faithfully follow all the instructions. So you demonstrate your maturity and responsibility - qualities necessary for an adult.
Learn to take responsibility for their actions and words. Adult has to be able to make calculated decisions and if you make a mistake – take responsibility for their mistakes. Rate yourself impartially: if you are not ready, the beginning of independent life it is better to postpone, otherwise you have all chances to quickly return home under the wing of caring parents.
Use every chance to live an adult life. If your parents are going on vacation for a week or two, call to stay and watch the place. Upon arrival, they should find a clean, well-fed and well-groomed Pets, watered the flowers in time, full of food refrigerator and cooked dinner. If you are not able to live on their own at least for a short time, often try to please the relatives of culinary delights, carried out by General cleaning, etc.
If possible, try to get a job. Let it be low-paid and short-term, but you will take a big step forward because the ability to earn is the most important quality of an adult. Another sign by which you will evaluate is how you will spend your first earnings. Do it wisely and buy something useful for themselves or for a family.
Useful advice
Strive to take the initiative to solve their own problems, to be an active young man. Broaden your horizons, learn, buy need for adult life skills. So you are much closer to the day when they start adult life.

Advice 3: How to start a new life

New life , you can start every Monday, so nothing changed. Important not only the impulse to change their fate or lifestyle. You need to properly prepare for the new, then you will succeed.
Prepare for the beginning of a new life
In human life there may come a time when he is not satisfied with the current situation. There are two ways: to accept, to adapt to circumstances or change them. If you have decided to take a proactive stance and start a new life, not in a hurry to act. Think first how best to make changes and prepare for work.


Start the change with a definition that does not suit you at the moment and what you want to achieve or obtain. Without a clear understanding of what must be the result of your efforts? you may not be able to implement the idea to change their own lives.

Aim at a relevant purpose. Remember that they must be enforceable, specific and real. At the same time don't be too modest in their dreams. Assess their capabilities adequately, believe in their own strength.

Be inspired by examples of people who achieved a lot in life, with whom you have a similar worldview, principles and desires. Let them be your guiding star and reference point in life. Study the biographies of their idols and take note of the ways they've achieved success.

Action plan

One inspiration and goal setting for the new life a little. You need to develop a specific plan of action to change their reality. Think about how to transform your life, how to achieve the desired result.

When you develop specific steps toward a new life remember that you should not raise demands on themselves. If your list would involve too much work on yourself, at some point you risk not to withstand the high pace and tension, to surrender and lay down their arms.

To get the desired result, develop a gradual plan based on their abilities and expectations. Their balance should be optimal. Don't forget to track the results when you go directly to the action.


After you find inspiration, develop a plan of action and start to change your life, you may need moral support. You can cut it within yourself, keeping in mind your own dreams and desires.

In addition, you can find like-minded people, for example, on specialized sites or forums. If you work together with someone, you will have the opportunity to spur each other along to enjoy the achieved changes.

Remember that you can get support from friends and family. Tell your family members how important is it for you to achieve success in their endeavors. Let them be aware of your plans and show understanding.
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