Getting rid of everything unnecessary

Some people think that the best is happening in a person's life between 20 and 30 years. But time runs fast. As said Oscar Wilde: "no man is rich enough to buy his own past." And here you're 35, on the face of the first wrinkles appear, and looking through the want ads for a job, you run into the age limit to 35 years. It seems that the opportunity to get a good position and to build a family, if you haven't managed to do already lost. Here and there!

And start converting is to get rid of all unnecessary things. Throw, give, give all the things you no longer use and don't know whether to use. To be calm. Sorry to throw an old postcard, a gift for the New year your ex who cheated on you, and then you broke up. Something to keep those memories? Boldly send these things in the trash. Clearing your house of the junk, you realize that you literally breathe easier.

Similar should be done with your contacts list. If any of your friends the ones who makes you melancholy, plunges into a state of depression, is in your good graces? Try to minimize communication with them.

Changing eating habits

Try to develop the habit of getting up early. Both will be able to carve out at least half an hour in silence and enjoy their favorite activities. This is the ideal time for spiritual practices, for the spirit to live this day with 100% efficiency. In addition, it's one thing to get up for work, then just laziness, unwillingness to get out from under the blankets and another to Wake up for the implementation of the plans with the thought "finally a new day has come". You'd be surprised, but thanks to a little thing life sparkled with new colors.

You should also reconsider your diet. Start to eat properly. No need to become vegan or go on a raw food diet, but soda, chips, fast food, alcohol in enormous quantities, it is recommended to refuse. These products bring only harm, leaving nothing in return, and to life changes will require a lot of energy.

Bringing our Affairs in order

Remember what you wanted to do many years ago. Make a list of such cases. If you wanted to learn English, start to learn right now. If there was a desire to visit an old aunt in another city, apply for her visit next weekend. Don't delay intended for later. If you feel that something is already lost for you to date, simply discard it and forget permanently.

Next, a list is necessary to replenish the plans and dreams. What is your dream? Make all your thoughts. And then consider the steps to achieve them and try every day to do a certain action, one way or another closer to the cherished goal. Soon you will notice how much your life has changed.