You will need
  • Prayer, The Gospel
The first and indispensable condition for the remission of sins is their recognition. You must realize that when you've done wrong, why you did and whether it was possible not to do that. Look back at your life and the lives of the people around you: do all that you have found useful and enjoyable, is that really the case? Of God if it was?
You should repent and be ashamed of their actions, to hate sin and to sincerely desire the corrections.
Many people are faced with the problem of what constitutes a sin and what is not. In this case, you will help the reading of spiritual literature, writings of the Holy fathers of the Church, or talk with a priest. It is useful to re-read the sermon on the mount the Savior (Matt. 5:3 - 7:27), to understand how far we are from that ideal of life which the Lord has given us. Because the words of Christ is the normal Christian life.
After repentance, you can assume that you have already taken the first step to recovery.
Realizing your sins, you must repent sincerely. Repentance is an essential condition for the remission of sins. You have to change the way their thoughts and way of life, to refuse from sinful deeds and thoughts. Sinning and then repenting, and then sinning is an even greater crime against God. Such a sin is much worse.
When you're mentally ready, you will need to make the main action in the way of remission of sins – to confess your sins in Church. It bequeathed to the clergy of our Lord Jesus Christ, the forgiveness of sins: "Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven" (Matt., 18,18). So the priest has the right to release any and all sins, if only it was sincere and heartfelt repentance.
Confession is one of the main sacraments, because to prepare for it need with great responsibility and reverence. As a rule, the confession should in the Church (if you are seriously ill). You should be baptized in the Orthodox faith, to wear the pectoral cross.
Preparing for Confession, read the prayer rule established in this case. The reading of the gospel will also help you to understand your own sinfulness and feel great awe and fear of God.
Coming to Confession, you're supposed to list your sins to the priest. Should not talk in General terms, and to name specific sinsyou see in yourself. What will tell, then will be released to you. If you will be hard to say or I forget something, the priest may ask leading questions. Try not to repeat.
If the priest will see that you are hiding something or not telling, it may not absolve you of your sinsby sending you once again to think about everything. Take any solution for granted, it will do you good.
If the priest has accepted your Confession, he will read over you the prayer of absolution and the sins of your opustitsya. You have to understand, the more sincere the repentance, the more forgiveness and grace soveschanie from God. Not the priest, forgives your sins, and God himself. That is why it is useless to hide something and keep back.