Lie on the floor or on a hard sofa. Turn your head to the side. Now, resting the elbow and hand to surface, start to get your feet pushed together, the surface and slowly lift them up. Do not be discouraged if the first few times you manage to lift them just a few inches in a couple of weeks you will understand how great progress! And the thing is that even in the absence of significant progress, the muscles of the side of the press receives a signal, strain and get the body's energy and begin to be developed. Therefore, it is important not to leave the exercise midway and listen to your body after the first workout you will feel muscles warm.
Also pump up the muscles of the side of the press help ordinary twisting to better lock the bottom part of the body and rotate only the body, sit on the edge of a chair or bench. Straighten your back, pull your stomach and start slowly, carefully rotate the body. Try to do it without straining the muscles of the shoulders and arms, and by force of the lateral abdominal muscles.
Great effect and bending – stand up straight, straighten your shoulders and back, put your hands behind your head, elbows dissolve and begin to fall left and right as slowly as possible, straining the side abdominal muscles. All muscles come in "combat" position and was awakened tighten your stomach and pull it.
Remember – in order for the relief of stomach was visible, it is extremely important to have aerobic exercises, which are struggling with fat and allow the muscles pumped up to prove themselves and become visible through the skin.