How long has this pattern, so many lives and methods of work with the abdominal muscles. It should be clarified that it's quite a long process that can take several months. Working on this muscle group, you need to follow a few principles:- to Start training with work pressure and direct exercise for the maximum effort;
- Perform exercises on the alignment of the press at least twice a week, but taking into account the intensity of your workouts: the more you perform exercise, the less must be the load on muscles;
- The load must be evenly distributed for each group of muscles.
Each person's genetic code determines the size of all body parts and organs, so not everyone can make press perfectly flat. But beautiful muscles in a six pack - it is also a matter of pride, which can not boast of every man. As for the female waist, it is in any case not training to win, as for the beauty of the female tummy enough the absence of fat deposits, and they, too, can be removed only using workouts. Exercises that you can perform the same for men and women.
To train the upper muscle groups of the abdomen perform the elevation of the trunk with the strongly bent legs.
In order to swing the lower part of the press, to raise the straightened legs from a prone position, and held angle down for a few minutes.
For the beauty of the press is also necessary to develop oblique muscles. This is done with a twist of the torso and tilting to the side.
Exercises for the formation of the press quite a lot. But to cover them fully not even a professional bodybuilder, so it makes sense to focus on the major types. Leg lifts can be performed in three main provisions:- In the prone position;
- lying on the bench under the tilt;
- In the hanging position on the bar.
Exercises to lift the torso can be performed using Swiss ball:- Lifting torso on the ball;
- The combination of lifting the torso on the ball with weight lifting;this includes exercises on the twisting of the abdominal muscles when in the supine position, the athlete lifts from the floor, only shoulders.
Bending to the side can perform browsing, combining them with lifting weights. You can perform lifting the torso with flexion in the supine position on a flat bench. Another option: sitting on the floor, straighten your back and rotate alternately in opposite directions with dumbbells in hands.
Performing the entire set of exercises at least twice a week, the first tangible results can be achieved already after 6-8 weeks.