You will need
  • Plastic tray to a depth of 2-3 cm; multicolored clay; matches; duct tape; foam; scissors; knife
From the plastic tray of a suitable size to make the playing field. To create a sense of the vastness of the sea, the bottom can be spread with a thin layer of blue clay. If you decide to paint the tray blue paint, it works, but in this case, the tray you will not be able to use for its intended purpose.
From clay of the same color make seven Islands is u-shaped. The island should have a diameter of about 7 cm and the height should be slightly greater than the depth of the tray. The entrance to the Bay of Islands (distance between the ends of a horseshoe), make the width not less than 3 cm.
Position made the island on a tray in accordance with a prearranged scheme. Wide Straits are well decorated with clay cliffs. Importantly, the approaches to the Bay was free. The minimum distance between elements of the playing field should be at least 3 cm When the length of the boat in 2.5 cm captains will be easy to overcome such Straits.
If desired, place on Islands, mountains, trees, houses, a Marina. All these and other decorative elements can also be executed from colored clay. Ask future players to show imagination and decorate the island. The kids will gladly participate in the development of the game world.
Chips in the game will serve as makeshift boats. Cut a piece of foam boats with a length of 2.5 cm and a width of 1.5 cm the height of the ship will be 0.5 cm These boats will be very fast to move around the playing field and easily managed. You will need four of these craft.
From colored paper cut four sails square shaped 2x2 cm Recommended colors – green, yellow, red and blue. Mast manufacture of matches or toothpicks; length of the mast – 2 see the Sail attach to the mast and gently insert it in the middle of the deck of a boat.
To mark the launch ports and Islands visited by travelers, make the flags. For this you will need colored paper and matches. The color of the sail of each player is to match the color of the sails.
Gather two to four players and start actually playing. The goal of each player is to visit six ports and as quickly as possible to return to the home port. The next move will determine a lot. The players set their ships in free ports where set a flag of your color. Each port can be in only one craft.
To make a move, the player blows through a tube folded lips, directing a jet of air into the sail of his ship. Driving a vehicle, the player strives to run a ship in each of the free ports. The winner is the player who will be able to set a flag on all the Islands and the first to return to home port.