Advice 1: How to grow early cabbage

Not all gardeners get to grow early cabbage. Sometimes it grows very small or not at all matured. To eat soup in the middle of summer, planting early maturing cabbage should take care in advance. Actually its quite easy to grow, the main thing is to do all the time.
How to grow early cabbage
You will need
  • seeds of early maturing cabbage;
  • - drawers;
  • - peat pots;
  • - copper sulphate;
  • - ash;
  • - fertilizer.
Sow cabbage seedlings around the first decade of April in the container with prepared ground and take them outside on the balcony. Seedlings will appear later, but the seedlings won't stretch and is strong enough. If you don't have an attic, put cups with seedlings between frames. But don't forget to open the Windows from the inside.
When the first true leaf, raspakirati seedlings in peat pots. It is desirable to do in plastic drawers as it will be then long to settle down when landing in open ground.
To sprouts cabbage not sick "black night", pour it very weak solution of copper sulphate. But do it not too often, and somewhere in the mid-April start to produce hardened seedlings. Take her for short intervals of time outside, watering with cool water and accustom to the smaller amount of moisture.
In early may dig up the garden and a separate place for cultivation of cabbage. Make a comprehensive fertilizer and make holes. After that, you can plant cabbage in the ground. If there is a threat of frost, cover the young shoots with leaves of burdock or covering material.
To protect against various pests treat cabbage special preparations or conventional wood ashes. Try to do these procedures on time, otherwise the larvae of butterflies will ruin your entire crop.
Pour the cabbage liberally and frequently to achieve productivity gains. Do not forget to fertilize the land, for example, urea or other compound fertilizer.
And in the middle of July you will be able to eat young cabbage, so as by that time she almost Matures. Of course, it can't pluck and a little longer - then the forks reach the larger mass. But look at the over ripeness cabbage begins to crack.

Advice 2 : All about cabbage: how to care

Harvest of cabbage will certainly please, if you know how to grow. Proper care will keep from diseases, get rid of pests, will help the plant get the necessary food elements.
All about cabbage: how to care

Care cabbage seedlings

The cultivation of sprouts begins with soaking the seeds in mid-late March. Place them in a glass, put on his gauze and secure it with rubber bands or thread. Pour into the container of water whose temperature is +50oC. After 5 minutes drain it and fill the glass halfway with cool water. This technique will help to remove from the surface of the seed spores of dangerous microorganisms.

Prepare a solution of a growth stimulant to 200 grams of water enough 2 drops. Pour it in a container with seeds. Let them absorb useful minerals. After 10 hours plant seeds in seedling boxes filled with fertile soil.

Put them on the windowsill. When sprouts appear, keep the temperature at +15+20 ° C, so they are not stretched. 20 days raspakirati seedlings in peat cups.

In early may, plant the seedlings to the garden. Cabbage does not like acidic soil. Make 1 square meter is 200 grams of ash. It will reduce the acidity.

Make the holes generously spill their warm water, plant the seedlings and pricenice them. Shower every evening with warm water from a watering can. A week later, the seedlings take root.

Okucia her, sprinkling the ground before the first true leaves. Don't forget plenty of water in dry weather. To do this, use only warm water. Cold can lead to the development of the disease "black leg". Each adult plant "drinks" the water bucket for the day, so pour abundantly. The morning after this podrujit the ground around plants to provide oxygen.

No pests and diseases

The young plant harm cruciferous flea beetles. Periodically sprinkle each ash, which prevents their spread.

If the soil is rich in organic matter, and you notice a fresh hole the size of 1-2 cm, it moves the mole cricket is a dangerous pest. Put it in every hole 2-3 granules of Midweeks" to a depth of 2-3 cm, pour water and sprinkle the soil.

From the whitefly will help halves of the egg shell. Put next to the Kale sticks, put on the shells. Periodically inspect the back side of the leaves. If you have noticed yellow dots are the eggs of the whitefly. Collect them, destroy. Otherwise of them soon formed the voracious green caterpillars. If they appear, then collect them and also destroy.


Care cabbage is not only copious irrigation, pest control, and fertilizing. In the early growth fertilize cabbage nitrogen fertilizer every 2 weeks. To do this, put in a bucket of 600 grams of manure, pour 6 liters of water. Put the fertilizer in the sun for 2 days, then fertilize.

Early varieties from late June, and late – mid-July start to feed potassium and phosphorus fertilizers. Pour into a bucket glass ash and a tablespoon of superphosphate, cover with hot water. After 3 days, give the plant a liquid feed. Remove the heads as they Mature, preventing them from cracking.
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