Prevention stretching

To prevent drawing the cabbage seedlings need in the fall to prepare the soil for seedling boxes. Into the soil before planting, add fertilizer, it is best to mix the soil with organic matter.

So the seedlings were healthy, before sowing of cabbage seeds need to prepare them. A number of activities – soaking, disinfection, hardening. After this, seedlings are more early and strong.

A characteristic feature of all varieties of cabbage is their insistence to heat, light and moisture. In cultivation of cabbage is very important all components, especially the light.

In seedling boxes cabbage seeds need to be sown shallow, about 1 cm deep. The crops are watered, hide the film and left in a room with a temperature of +20°C for a week. After this time the blossom appears. In this initial period that the seedlings did not immediately went into intensive growth, it is necessary to hold the temperature reduction to +10...12°C. This "harsh" regime of the stay is necessary to provide cabbage seedlings before the time of appearance of the first true leaf. Further, the boxes with seedlings are kept in the temperature of +16...18°C.

Swordplay and pinciroli

Once the seedlings get a little older (usually after two weeks), the necessary swordplay. Pre-seedlings should be watered and raspikirovat in individual containers one at a time. While the pick is pinciroli – the root of the seedling is clipped a third. This to make sure to prevent excessive growth. Seedlings need to be sunk into the soil until the cotyledon leaves.

Further cabbage seedlings need a lot of sun or supplementary lighting (cloudy days). Light day at the cabbage – 12 hours. If the seedlings will receive less light, they will stretch and die.


After the appearance of the second true leaf, if the seedlings are still very drawn, it is necessary to feed mineral fertilizer and to keep up the hard dosvechivat.

The main thing is not to overdo the seedlings and planted in the open soil of the garden at peak performance.
A week before carrying out planting work into the soil, if seedlings develop, you need to stop watering it and watering only two hours before the transplant.

Early varieties of cabbage on a bed of seedlings planted in late April, the seedlings of late varieties at the end of may.

Overgrown seedlings when planting must be re-sunk. Cabbage seedlings are useful from time to time to till, near the stem forming a small loose slide.