Advice 1: What to do with seedlings of cabbage, if it is very stretched

Cabbage is grown mainly by sowing seeds for seedlings. Due to the lack of nutrients and lack of light seedlings of cabbage to stretch in length. To prevent this, you need to take timely action.
The cabbage seedlings will be pulled out due to lack of light

Prevention stretching

To prevent drawing the cabbage seedlings need in the fall to prepare the soil for seedling boxes. Into the soil before planting, add fertilizer, it is best to mix the soil with organic matter.

So the seedlings were healthy, before sowing of cabbage seeds need to prepare them. A number of activities – soaking, disinfection, hardening. After this, seedlings are more early and strong.

A characteristic feature of all varieties of cabbage is their insistence to heat, light and moisture. In cultivation of cabbage is very important all components, especially the light.

In seedling boxes cabbage seeds need to be sown shallow, about 1 cm deep. The crops are watered, hide the film and left in a room with a temperature of +20°C for a week. After this time the blossom appears. In this initial period that the seedlings did not immediately went into intensive growth, it is necessary to hold the temperature reduction to +10...12°C. This "harsh" regime of the stay is necessary to provide cabbage seedlings before the time of appearance of the first true leaf. Further, the boxes with seedlings are kept in the temperature of +16...18°C.

Swordplay and pinciroli

Once the seedlings get a little older (usually after two weeks), the necessary swordplay. Pre-seedlings should be watered and raspikirovat in individual containers one at a time. While the pick is pinciroli – the root of the seedling is clipped a third. This to make sure to prevent excessive growth. Seedlings need to be sunk into the soil until the cotyledon leaves.

Further cabbage seedlings need a lot of sun or supplementary lighting (cloudy days). Light day at the cabbage – 12 hours. If the seedlings will receive less light, they will stretch and die.


After the appearance of the second true leaf, if the seedlings are still very drawn, it is necessary to feed mineral fertilizer and to keep up the hard dosvechivat.

The main thing is not to overdo the seedlings and planted in the open soil of the garden at peak performance.
A week before carrying out planting work into the soil, if seedlings develop, you need to stop watering it and watering only two hours before the transplant.

Early varieties of cabbage on a bed of seedlings planted in late April, the seedlings of late varieties at the end of may.

Overgrown seedlings when planting must be re-sunk. Cabbage seedlings are useful from time to time to till, near the stem forming a small loose slide.

Advice 2 : Why die Kale

Often it happens that planted the cabbage seedlings are killed. This is manifested in different ways. Can yellowing and wilting leaves, or for a short time on them, there are many small holes, which also leads to drying. So why cabbage is dying and how to save her?
Why die Kale

The cause of death of cabbage seedlings and even more Mature plants can be very different: it is bad care, pests and diseases.

Cabbage killed by pests

The most dangerous enemies the young seedlings of cabbage are cruciferous flea beetles. These are small jumping insects that just a couple of days can destroy fragile plant. They attack the tender leaves are planted in the garden of seedling and first turn in the sieve edges of cabbage leaves, and then the whole thing. If time does not take action, the sprouts will die.

To deal with the cruciferous flea beetle can be by different methods: chemical and folk. To people's concerns pollination of tobacco dust, ash, a mixture of ash and pepper, and so on. Can water and spray decoctions of tomato leaves, infusion leaves, garlic, dandelion root. It all is effective and safe in terms of healthy products from his garden, but after the first rain and even irrigation fleas attack again. Therefore, it is better to apply chemicals. Is pollination of dust and spraying of any drug from garden pests. For example, means "commander", "Intair", etc.

No less dangerous cabbage aphid. It appears on older plants, cabbage is not killed, but growth and formation of heads is slowed down, leading to lower yields. To deal with aphids on the sprouts can be soapy water, and chemicals.

Closer to the fall often die cabbage from cabbage moths. It is a brown butterfly, leading nocturnal. She lays on the leaves of cabbage eggs, which contain tracks, which are very voracious. If the heads are still small, the caterpillars can completely ruin them. To combat cabbage cutworms need a method of collecting pests and eggs manually from the leaves. But if the caterpillars have entered the heads, then you need to spray the plants with microbiological preparations. This "Dipel", "Lepidocide", etc. the Use of chemicals is undesirable, as the harvest typically is less than a month.

Cabbage killed by disease

"Black leg" - the scourge of seedlings, especially it occurs when crops are dense and waterlogged soil. The cabbage cernet and softens the stem, after which it can not keep the leaves and falls to the side. This is a very contagious disease, it literally decimated the crops of cabbage for a few hours. To deal with the "blackleg". Immediately remove all diseased specimens and destroy them, the seedlings to be put in a cold room, if possible. It is also recommended to throw dark pink solution of potassium permanganate. And not showering for a few days. Usually it stops further spread of the disease. To "black leg" did not appear again, decontaminate your soil for seedlings (proprivate steam or pour boiling water) and take it in the checked place, because the pathogen of this disease is long lived in the soil.

There is a disease of cabbage as kila. In seedlings it manifests itself as a thickening on the roots. If such a seedling is planted in the ground, eventually it will begin to wither. The leaves will turn yellow and then the sprouts will die. To treat her anymore, the fight against Clubroot is prevention. This soil treatment with chloride of lime after harvest, the mandatory rotation on the site and presowing treatment of seeds.

Cabbage killed by poor care

Cabbage likes moisture, but in reasonable quantities. If you pour the seedlings, most likely it will die because the roots simply rot. Also the cabbage you can't overdry, especially a few days after planting in the garden. She's afraid of sunlight, cover the planting with a thin acrylic. This is such a non-woven material, good pervious to light and air, and even moisture. By the way, the acrylic will help, and from cruciferous flea beetles. After the consolidation of the seedling shelter remove.

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